Deathstroke Strikes In New Titans Season 2 Trailer

It’s time for Dick Grayson “to be Batman.” The former Robin burned his costume during the first season of DC Universe’s Titans. But Dick’s not getting out of the superhero life so easily. A new Titans season 2 trailer reveals that Deathstroke was one of the big reasons the original team broke up. Now that Deathstroke has resurfaced, Dick’s going to need a new heroic persona…which means his debut as Nightwing has to be right around the corner.

There’s also some tension in the Bat-family, as Dick butts heads with the current Robin, Jason Todd. The trailer also features Iain Glen’s Bruce Wayne reuniting with Dick. Additionally, it appears that Dick has taken Rose Wilson under his wing. But he may not be aware that his latest protegee is actually Deathstroke’s daughter.

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As for the other Titans, it appears that someone from Starfire’s world has come to take her back. We also see some of the complicated history between Wonder Girl and Aqualad. Meanwhile, Superboy and Krypto get used to life outside of Cadmus, as Raven’s powers continue to expand. There’s even some tension between Hawk and Dove, since Hank wants to leave the hero life behind. However, Dawn is just getting started as a member of the team.

Titans season 2 will premiere on DC Universe on September 6.

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