DC Universe Shares a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Harley Quinn

In the comic book realm, DC has largely turned Harley Quinn into a fairly well-meaning anti-heroine. However, DC Universe’s upcoming Harley Queen animated series puts the show’s leading lady on a new path. She’s leaving the Joker behind to establish herself as Gotham City’s newest crime lord. And she’s not too particular about who she has to kill or maim along the way.

“Harley Quinn is striking out on her own to become the criminal Queenpin of Gotham City,” says executive producer Patrick Schumacker, in DC Universe’s new behind-the-scenes video below (NSFW language warning). It features most of the voice actors behind the show, including Kaley Cuoco’s Harley Quinn. Lake Bell co-stars as Poison Ivy, with Alan Tudyk as the Joker. Anyone who had doubts about Tudyk’s Joker may be swayed by his maniacal laugh in the video. We also get to see Jim Rash’s take on the Riddler.

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Diedrich Bader is reprising his role as Batman from The Brave and the Bold. Christopher Meloni co-stars as Commissioner Gordon, and if the video is any indication, Gordon wants a bit more friendship from the Bat. Would it really kill Batman to put on a disguise and go to Gordon’s cookout?

Wonder Woman is also glimpsed in the video, but the spotlight is clearly on Harley. Can she really succeed where the Joker failed? We may find out when the series premieres later this year.

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