Jeph Loeb Discusses Ghost Rider and Helstrom’s Future on Hulu

Marvel has had mixed luck on the small screen over the last year. All of the company’s Netflix offerings came to an end despite having a devoted fanbase. However, other shows such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Runaways, and Cloak & Dagger have continued to do well on other networks. While speaking with Deadline, Marvel Television President Jeph Loeb revealed that he has nothing but optimism for Marvel’s future on TV, including the new Ghost Rider series, which features Gabriel Luna reprising his role as Robbie Reyes.

According to Loeb, Marvel’s TV arm had been kicking around ideas for this show for some time. Apparently, they were “just waiting for the right place to put it,” and they found it on Hulu. Ghost Rider, along with the Helstrom series, will be part of Marvel’s “Adventure Into Fear.” Loeb also explained why he prefers to label these new series as “terror” rather than “horror.”

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“When you say horror, it means so many different things,” said Loeb. “ What we love is the notion of how we can present a Marvel hero who was truly feared and truly believed that they were a monster. But as the stories go on, they realize, oh, ‘I’m the hero of the story. I’m not the villain of the story.’ That’s not something we’ve ever done before. So we started with Ghost Rider. We went out and managed to get Gabe to come back and reproduce the role. Then we’re going to do Helstrom, and then there’s a couple more that we haven’t yet revealed to the world.”

Luna originated the role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. during its fourth season. However, Ghost Rider‘s solo show wasn’t ever meant for ABC.

“We never intended for [Ghost Rider] to be on ABC because we wanted…a show that was more mature,” added Loeb. “Look, it has the weight in the best way that there had been a Daredevil movie, so that when there was a Daredevil television show, people knew the name. There was a lot of weight that came with the Daredevil movie that we had to shake off and prove ourselves that we could make a television show that became what it was. The good news is people love Gabe, people love the way that character works, the feature film levels special effects – and the part that’s really exciting is we’ll push it further. It will have a little fun that folks will really dig.”

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