Pennyworth Actor Speaks Out About Series’ Latest Twist

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for last night’s episode of Pennyworth!

Epix’s Batman prequel series, Pennyworth, isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to setting up a tragic background for its lead character. In the latest episode, “Lady Penelope,” it opted to bump off a major character – Alfred’s fiancée, Esme Winikus. She was strangled to death within her apartment. Alfred was simply too late to save her. Emma Corrin spoke with Comic Book Resources about her character’s death. And she said that she knew Esme’s fate ahead of time.

“I have known about Esme’s fate pretty much since the beginning of shooting!” explained Corrin. “Bruno [Heller] broke the news to me himself, but was very open and honest with me about it, and once he had shared his reasons for Esme’s death, it became clear that it’s such an incredibly necessary part of Alfred’s arc in the show.”

She also shared her belief that Esme’s life will prove to be more impactful on Alfred than her death.

“I feel like Esme and Alfred worked because she saw something in him that he had stopped seeing since coming back from the war: his humanity,” added Corrin. “And I think she showed him kindness that maybe he didn’t show himself. So I hope that, on Alfred’s journey after Esme, he will carry on that quality with him and look for it in other people.”

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Regardless of her fate, Corrin was proud of her work on the show.

“In Esme, Bruno created a wonderfully complex character, and I admire her sensitivity, her moments of vulnerability and also those moments of intense bravery and strength. So I suppose I’m proud of showcasing her complexity as a person.”

Corrin didn’t rule out returning as Esme in flashbacks or in other forms. But she wouldn’t commit to it either.

“Not going to make any promises, but it’s the DC universe,” said Corrin. “So who knows what’s possible.”

Corrin has been cast as Princess Diana in the fourth season of Netflix’s The CrownPennyworth is currently airing on Epix every Sunday.

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