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Weekend Watch – Celebrating Batman Beyond’s 20th Anniversary

Welcome to Weekend Watch, a recurring feature where we highlight some of the best geek-related videos around the web. Whether it’s short films, behind-the-scenes clips, video essays, or top 10 countdowns, the only requirement is that they are about our favorite geeky topics!

In this anniversary edition of Weekend Watch, we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Batman Beyond. Starting things out, we have two videos that explore the origin and evolution of Batman Beyond. Following that, we explore one of the show’s most controversial aspects, along with why it may be a good thing. Afterward, we have a great video that explains why the series still holds up.

Following this is a quick video highlighting the upcoming re-mastered Blu-ray box set. Next, we showcase a series of videos that highlight some of the best moments from the series. Finally, we’ll close things out with two more videos on the long-requested live-action Batman Beyond movie.

History of Batman Beyond

Up first, we have a video from the always-trusty Variant that gives an excellent overview of the history behind Batman Beyond. Created by Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, and Paul Dini, the spinoff series was a direct sequel to Batman: The Animated Series. This video goes into the origins of Terry McGinnis in the series as well as quickly touching on the subsequent story arcs and publication history in print. It also delves into Terry’s powers and abilities, which also happen to be some of his defining traits.

Batman Beyond Explained

Next, we have a video that comes from Comics Explained, which offers a more in-depth exploration of Batman Beyond’s origin and evolution. Although it covers the show’s birth in more detail, it also goes through the development of the series. It then covers the comic book appearances featuring Terry, as well as Tim Drake’s time in the suit.

What Happened to Batman Beyond?

This video from Comicstorian takes a look at one of the show’s more puzzling questions – why was Batman Beyond canceled in its prime? As the video explains, the answer comes down to the corporate machinations of WB animation’s bureaucracy at the time. This, of course, would lead to the excellent animated feature Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Interestingly, it would also spawn perhaps the most controversial aspect of the series – the infamous retcon in Justice League Unlimited. In “Epilogue,” a stand alone episode set 15 years after the events of Batman Beyond, viewers learned that Bruce Wayne was Terry’s biological father.

Why The Batman Beyond Clone Reveal Was A Good Thing

For an alternate take on this twist, this video from Nerdist argues why the son/clone reveal was a good thing. Essentially the argument is that despite his heritage, Terry still made the conscious choice to become Batman. Within the episode itself, Amanda Waller came down on the side of Terry being Bruce’s son, rather than his clone. Regardless of how you feel about the way things were handled, there’s no doubt that the series ended too soon.

Why We Still Love Batman Beyond 20 Years Later

This quick video from IGN delves into why the series has withstood the test of time. The iconography of the suit is also a big part of its appeal, along with a host of new rogues to explore. Most importantly, the show’s shared continuity with its predecessor allows it to add more layers to Bruce’s characterization without discounting what had come before. Ultimately, the show is much more nuanced and sophisticated than it gets credit for. These are a few of the many reasons that Batman Beyond still endures.

Batman Beyond Remastered Comparison

Up next, this video from IGN offers a side-by-side comparison for the upcoming Blu-ray remaster of the series. Overall this new transfer looks absolutely astounding and is shaping up to be one of the year’s best box sets. The Batman Beyond box set hits store shelves on October 29th and digital on October 15th.

Top Batman Beyond Moments

Next, on the docket are a trio of videos that showcase some of the show’s best moments. The first, which comes from DC, highlights the top 10 best moments from Batman Beyond. If you haven’t seen the show or subsequent animated film, beware of spoilers.

This video, which comes via NeedleMouse Productions, remembers some of the most significant character deaths in the show.

The third video from 12345678weeds showcases the best Terry McGinnis quotes from the classic series.

What Happened to the Cancelled Batman Beyond Movie?

Switching gears to the oft-requested live-action interpretation of the series, this video from Cut Short runs down the Batman Beyond movie that almost happened. Fans have indeed been clamoring for a live-action film ever since the show hit the air – including this one. For our thoughts on why it’s time to make a live-action Batman Beyond Movie, click HERE.

Batman Beyond: Who Should Be Cast In A Live-Action Movie?

Closing things out, this fun video from SYFY Wire features Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle discussing a variety of topics regarding the series. Most importantly, the two discuss who should be cast in a live-action film, and the answers might surprise you. As a bonus, you can find the full video for Batman Beyond’s 20th-anniversary-panel form Comic-Con here.

What is your favorite aspect of Batman Beyond? What do you think makes the show so enduring? Let us know in the comment section below!