Mike Colter is Open to a Possible Luke Cage Revival

Luke Cage may have ended, but Mike Colter’s acting career is taking off. His next TV project, Evil, premieres this fall on CBS. Although Marvel’s Netflixverse came to an end with Jessica Jones’ latest season, it doesn’t sound like Colter has closed the door on life in the MCU. .

After plugging Evil at this year’s Television Critics Association event (via /Film), Colter was flooded with questions about Luke Cage’s fate. Regarding a possible revival, the actor expressed his belief that “anything’s possible.”

“I’d really need to see where he’s going and what the storyline would be,” explained Colter. “Everyone has questions about where he was going to go in season three. At this point, we’d be starting not from scratch, but I need to see where he’s going. As an actor, we’re always looking to do different things so as long as you’re gainfully employed and doing something that stimulates you, you’re not always looking in your rear-view mirror trying to figure out what else you can be doing with the character you’ve already played. So I’m more concerned about the future than the past, but I’m always open to doing something again. Then again, things happen.”

Colter also acknowledged that it was possible that Luke Cage could be recast. Additionally, he shared insight on when he realized Luke Cage was about to get canceled.

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“It was a process that was happening,” said Colter. “Season 3 was greenlit. They were in the process of greenlighting scripts, approving the scripts and stuff like that. It just kept getting delayed, delayed, delayed for a lot of reasons. So it’s unfortunate, but I feel like we left people wanting more as opposed to staying too long. It’s unfortunate, but like I said, it’s always a possibility that something like that can come around again. Just not right now.”

Neither Marvel Studios nor Marvel Television have directly addressed whether the Netflix shows are canon within the MCU. A few naysayers have suggested that Mahershala Ali’s Blade casting proves that these shows took place in their own separate universe. Presumably because Ali played Cottonmouth in Luke Cage’s first season. However, Luke Cage cast member Alfre Woodard already played a separate character in Captain America: Civil War. So it’s clearly possible for an actor to play more than one role in the MCU.

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