Jesse Custer Arrives in Preacher Season 4 Episode 1 Preview

The end times are upon us, as Preacher enters its final season on AMC. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s cult classic comic book series introduced readers to Jesse Custer, a preacher empowered with “the word of God.” AMC’s adaptation is tamer than the comic that spawned it, but the series will still get a chance to wrap up its loose ends.

Last season on Preacher, Jesse had a tentative alliance with Herr Starr to assassinate the leader of the Grail and reclaim a piece of Jesse’s soul. However, Starr’s true plans involved using the apocalypse as a way to dominate humanity. Therefore, Jesse released Humperdoo (the last descendant of Jesus Christ) and several Humperdoo clones to thwart Starr’s goals. In response, Starr kidnapped Jesse’s estranged friend, Cassidy. Starr wants his revenge, but he may come to regret crossing Jesse again.

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AMC has released a preview scene from the season premiere of Preacher, which depicts Jesse’s arrival at Masada, the headquarters of The Grail. Starr has even placed an army between Jesse and Cassidy. Unfortunately for Starr, Jesse is remarkably unconcerned by the firepower pointed in his direction. Starr’s army may be protected from Jesse’s power, but that’s never stopped him before. If anything, it’s just going to piss him off.

Preacher season 4 hits AMC this Sunday, August 4.

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