Runaways Season 3 Preview Teases a Dark Future for the Team

Last year, the season finale of Runaways left a few of the group in deep trouble. But the first teaser from Runways’ upcoming third season has a much darker vision of the future. In a newly released clip, Chase finds himself as perhaps the only survivor of the team. Molly and Old Lace appear to be near death, while Alex, Nico, and Karolina are completely out. Meanwhile, Gert has her own problems and nobody left who can save her in time.

Hulu has announced that the ten episode third season of Runaways will premiere on December 13. During the second season, the children of the Pride confronted their parents and seemingly defeated Jonah. Unfortunately, Jonah and other members of his alien race have possessed Victor, Stacey and Tina. Jonah also captured Karolina, Chase, and Janet (Chase’s mom) with the goal using their bodies as alien hosts as well.

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So far, most of the casting announcements for the third season have been kept under wraps. Elizabeth Hurley is the only major addition so far. She’ll be playing Morgan le Fay, a nearly immortal sorceress. In Marvel’s comic book universe, Morgan le Fay is King Arthur’s estranged sister, and a recurring threat to Spider-Woman, the Avengers, and the former lover of Doctor Doom.

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