Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Marais has a tendency to house those that cannot be saved. Maybe its a supernatural sense of karma thanks to abusing the swamp for so many years, but no one seems to find a way out of the backwoods town. It changes them and swallows them whole. Alec’s transformation into the Swamp Thing is a prime example, but a now demonized Daniel and in too deep Avery can attest to that as well. But there was one that escaped its pull: Abby. Not even returning to her hometown could let those tendrils sink in, but her Marais turned out to be Alec. Her continued search for a cure for him gave way to her actual feelings for him. But sometimes you have to stay away from something in order to save it. Especially when unforeseen forces, both physical and supernatural, are at play all around you.

The War Inside

Abby’s perception of Alec as human is quickly deduced as a side effect of the spores he produced. He is becoming more in tune with the Green, allowing it to react to his thoughts and emotions. He even showcases his newfound ability to summon specific plants at will. But it also means he’s in tune with the vegetation’s warning about the Rot. Abby prods for information, but Alec is resistant. The Rot is too dangerous. That doesn’t dissuade Abby, though, and the two head off in search of the swamp’s darkness.

They find the widespread area of death beyond an unnaturally floral section of the swamp. Abby moves it to grab a sample for study but a vine wraps around her arm, taking a chunk out of it. Alec pulls her away but the damage is done. The darkness is inside of her and spreading. Alec summons an antiseptic flower when they return to his old lab but it only serves to impede the Rot’s movement. The two forces fight to a stalemate as Abby screams in pain. Alec uses his control of the Green to empower the flora within her, breaking her hallucination temporarily. She writhes in pain until she passes out. 

Wheelin’ & Dealin’

The science squad isn’t the only ones snooping around the swamp. Lucilia and Avery are there to take care of Alec after Matt’s encounter with him. Avery is looking to get this over quickly as he has a meeting with an investment group named The Conclave. He needs that mutagen money bad. Instead, he’s out in the mud after Lucilia confronted him about forcing Matt to shoot Alec. Avery’s colors don’t change though as he pulls a shotgun on Lucilia. Luckily the manhunt was a setup. Matt takes Avery down and the two take him out to the water to put him to rest. Avery wakes up on the boat and reveals that he is Matt’s father, causing enough of a distraction to pull a knife and stab Matt. He catches some buckshot in the leg and back before disappearing into the water.

Lucilia brings Matt and a doctor back to the Sunderland home just after Maria and Jason secure The Conclave’s backing. It appears that Maria and Lucilia were in league this whole time. Maria has sole control of Avery’s company. But Maria has no desire to continue associating with Lucilia now that their deal is done. It’s time for Lucilia and Matt to get out of her life.

Finding A Way

Abby wakes up cured of the Rot’s infection. The spores have also taken effect once again as Alec appears human. But the spores are wearing off. Abby chooses to stay in the moment as long as possible and kisses Alec. The swell of joy gives way to duress within Alec. The swamp is too dangerous for Abby. What he has become is too dangerous for her. He tells her that she should leave and never come back to see him for her own safety. She has done all she can for him. Whatever he is now is nothing more than a weapon in a war between forces beyond Abby’s purvey. His request doesn’t sit will with her, but Alec implores her to live her life as the hallucination breaks for good. Alec belongs in the swamp. Abby belongs anywhere else.

Abby leaves and rings up Liz from the car. She relays that Alec is losing hope and she has to find a way to help him. But the only way to do that is to leave Marais and go back to CDC headquarters in Atlanta. Its the only place where she can effectively study the Rot sample she collected. Liz is upset but understands.

Alec is the only one left in the swamp though. Avery, covered in mud and appearing on death’s doorstep, pulls himself onto the banks of the bayou. He’s still alive.

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