Swamp Thing season 1 episode 6 recap

Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Things have a way of falling apart in the small town of Marais. Abby finally got the full picture of that day from the bridge, absolving her of guilt about Shawna’s death. But she was the only person keeping things together in any real way. Daniel’s physical state was altered thanks to Jason. Avery continued his descent into full-on crime lord. Caroline showed concern at Jason’s tactics and submersion in his work for Avery. Remarkably, Abby and Swamp Thing seem to be the most normal of the bunch at the moment. But solutions are always ripe for new questions to be hurled their way.

This Fire Burns

Abby checks on a braindead Daniel following the attack by Avery’s thugs. Liz blames herself for his injuries. None of this would’ve happened if she didn’t investigate Avery’s business dealings. She decides to end her investigation, but Abby won’t stand for that. The good doctor tracks down Avery in the hospital, spurns his southern gentleman schtick and deflects his threats. He tells her to go back to Atlanta before he is forced to cross a line he doesn’t want to. But Abby isn’t backing down. Avery doesn’t scare her.

Daniel’s coma allows for a flashback to his first days in Marais. Unsatisfied with his role as the Blue Devil’s stunt double, he makes a deal with a stranger passing as a film producer. The stranger tells him about a woman coming to Marais, but Daniel agrees without much explanation. He is put into the starring role in the film afterward, not knowing that the deal forced him to stay in Marais.

His time as a vegetable is short-lived as Jason gives him an IV bag with a mutagen derived from Abby’s sample of Alec’s cells. Daniel wakes up shortly after the fluid enters his veins, pulsing neon blue under his skin. He immediately begins smoking and becomes hot to the touch. Daniel frantically escapes the hospital as Jason looks on in wonder. The entranced biologist tells Avery about the success of his mutagen, prompting Avery’s demand that Jason prepares a report that night to present to investors. Avery’s ready to help Jason get hold of Abby’s work.

Losing Yourself

Lucilia remains rattled after killing Remy in order to protect her son. She confronts Matt about his role in Alec’s murder, slapping him in the face. He initially denies killing Matt but ultimately comes clean. Avery made it clear he had no choice thanks to a file chronicling all the bribes and payoffs he provided to Lucilia over the years. He did it to protect his mother. He also knows about his mother’s romantic relationship with Avery. Matt feels ready to leave Marais behind, but reports of two hunters being attacked in the swamp pull Matt away. Lucilia demands that he go into the swamp that night and take care of whatever is causing the issue. The dutiful son silently agrees.

Caroline confronts Jason about the unethical nature of his experiment on Daniel. She fears that he’s losing himself in his work for Avery. That work could cost him his reputation. She begs him to leave Marais, but Jason is staying put. At least until Daniel shows up looking for help from him. He’s growing increasingly more blue and smoking, on the verge of bursting into flames. Avery’s threats do little to help, but Caroline injects him with a sedative, knocking Daniel out. Avery shows no concern about the unstable reaction within Daniel. Jason needs to finish his report. Daniel ends up back in the hospital, but Xanadu arrives to calm the fire within him. It’s all she can do, but she does see the power within him. He’s ready for his mission.

In Bloom

The sight of the hunters with thick splinters embedded in their skin sends Abby back to the swamp in search of Alec. The victims said a swamp monster attacked them, but she doesn’t believe Alec is capable of such an act. She finds Alec in the swamp but he keeps his distance. He isn’t feeling like himself much anymore as he begins to feel more in common with the Green. Matt’s arrival on the scene makes a skittish Alec retreat into the swamp.

Matt tracks Alec’s footprints but finds Abby instead. Her warnings are interrupted by an attack from Alec, though she does get him to stop before causing any harm. She tells Matt that the monster is Alec, sending Matt into a spiral of guilt and concern. Alec recognizes Matt but doesn’t remember his role in his death. Abby tells Matt about the darkness in the swamp and sends him away with a warning. Abby and Alec break into Alec’s lab after Matt leaves. She remains committed to finding answers about Alec’s state, but Alec isn’t as gung ho. He tells her about the stranger and his concerns about the Green pulling him away from Abby. The admission causes a bud to grow from Alec’s palm, releasing pollen as it blooms. Abby is stunned by what she sees afterward. Alec appears human again.

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