Noah Hawley Considered Using Patrick Stewart’s Xavier for Legion

With the final season of Legion airing on FX, fans are learning more about David Haller. The founder of the X-Men, Charles Xavier, is David’s father in both the comics and the show. But series creator Noah Hawley faced an interesting dilemma when it came to introducing the iconic character to the series.

The role of Xavier eventually ended up going to Harry Lloyd (Game of Thrones). But at one point, Hawley actually considered reaching out to Sir Patrick Stewart, who portrayed Professor  in the original X-Men films. While speaking with The Wrap, Hawley tossed around the notion of bringing the acting legend on.

“We’re going to have to meet (David’s) parents eventually,” said Hawley. “Nobody fought us on it. There was a question obviously about what age is he? What’s the model? Is he the McAvoy age? Is he Patrick Stewart age? Should we try to get either of those actors to do it?”

“Ultimately, I felt like we established our own alternate reality here on Legion, where it’s both 1964 and the future,” continued Hawley. “I think I felt like the younger Xavier was actually more consistent with the timeline. But there’s something about David, if David meets his father and his father is his age, I think there’s something interesting about that.”

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Hawley also touched upon the way that David’s mother, Gabrielle Haller, influenced Xavier himself.

“I always think that he, however strong his powers at that age were expressing themselves, but they were something that he wanted to do some good,” said Hawley. “And I think that Gabrielle allows him to do that. I think that he used it, the mind [to kill the enemy soldier]. I think it opened himself up and he became scared of it. I don’t think anyone would know what happened in that tunnel besides you…Part of me wonders if he committed himself, or if he allowed himself to be brought there because he kind of has become lost.”

The full interview is available here. The final season of Legion is currently airing on FX now.

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