Swamp Thing cancelled concern

Video: Swamp Thing’s Cancellation Is Still a Mystery

Swamp Thing’s Cancellation Causes Concern

The cancellation of Swamp Thing came days after its debut on DC Universe and caught everyone by surprise. The cast, crew, and fans were left scratching their heads as critical praise poured in alongside the bad news. Swamp Thing successfully carved out its own place in the widening television landscape. But that wasn’t enough to save the show.

Various factors were rumored to be the cause of the series’ cancellation. Everything from tax break miscalculations to creative differences with DC Universe executives to WarnerMedia’s shifting streaming strategy have made that list. Even Swamp Thing‘s production team can’t point to an exact reason. It’s a frustrating situation for anyone who loves the show.

DC Universe’s future might also be in question. WarnerMedia will launch its own streaming service next year. Where DC Universe fits into the company’s wider content delivery strategy was also a topic of discussion on set according to members of Swamp Thing’s production crew.

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The vague statement about the show’s cancellation did little to quell those questions. So far, the moderators have only promised to remove forum posts discussing “false rumors and speculation that this choice means DC Universe or any of our other original series were affected.” That doesn’t exactly address any of the key issues at hand.

WarnerMedia and DC Universe are staying quiet at the moment, leaving fans in the lurch. The only solace, for now, is that we still get ten episodes of Swamp Thing to enjoy. Enjoy it while you can.

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