Video: Top 10 Moments From Young Justice: Outsiders Part 1

This Tuesday, July 2, Young Justice: Outsiders will return to DC Universe for the second half of its new season. To celebrate the occasion, DC has released a new video that counts down the top ten moments from Young Justice: Outsiders part 1.

Thirteen new episodes premiered earlier this year, and picked up the action two years after the end of the original Young Justice series. Aqualad is now Aquaman, and serving on the Justice League with Miss Martian. Meanwhile, Nightwing, Superboy, and Tigress/Artemis have reluctantly been guiding a new generation of heroes: Ge0-Force, Halo, Forager, and now, Tara.

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There are some spoilers ahead in the video, if you didn’t catch the first part of the season. And while the new team is largely inspired by DC’s Batman and the Outsiders, there’s an argument that can be made that Young Justice: Outsiders is more of a Teen Titans show than either of the actual Teen Titans TV series. As noted in the video, this season offered an updated (and much darker) origin for Cyborg. It also openly satirized Teen Titans Go! before setting up a new adaptation of The Judas Contract. That particular storyline may be the driving force of the remaining 13 episodes this season.

What are you favorite moments from Young Justice: Outsiders part 1? What do you want to see in the second part? Let us know in the comment section below!

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