Jessica Jones season 3 episode 12 recap

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

The line between vigilante and criminal grew thinner for Trish as she delved further into policing the night. At least her acts of vengeance cleared Jessica Jones’ name. But that means Jessica has a new target to take down in her sister. And a dubious new client to protect: Greg. Trish’s pursuit of the serial killer forced things to get this sticky, but the muck stood ready to consume all involved. The truth is only the strongest can keep their lungs full of air.

Odd Alliance

Montero’s murder sets Jessica free, but she isn’t wasting any time. She heads straight home to start her search for Trish but instead finds Eric in her bathtub. He tells her about the encounter with Montero. Trish crossed a line. Jessica places the blame at Erik’s feet, claiming he brought her down to his level. Erik knows he isn’t perfect but he didn’t force Trish into anything. Her fall is her own. He even began getting a headache from her. Jessica is torn, but she’s on a short timeline. Trish will undoubtedly go after Greg and she needs help, even if it’s from a man she can’t really trust.

Greg checks himself out of the hospital after his police protection is removed. Jessica surprises him in the hallway, but she’s not there to harm him. She’s there to protect him from an arriving Trish. Greg prods her about the turned tables, but Jessica reiterates that she’s there to save Trish from herself. Trish chases them to the roof before Jessica tries to talk her down. She claims to still have evidence that could put Greg away. Trish brings up Kilgrave, promising that she can carry the burden of lethal force with which Jessica struggles. Jessica throws Trish to a roof across the street and evacuates Greg. She tries to drop him off with Jeri, but Greg is more content to let Jessica feel the need to protect him from her sister. Jeri reveals she knows Trish’s secret to an angry Jessica, but there’s no time to retaliate.


Jessica stations herself in Greg’s apartment, watching for Trish. His threats to release the photo of Trish fall on deaf ears. She spots Trish and Greg puts himself in her view. Jessica attempts to throw Trish off the scent by pretending to kill Greg, but she, in fact, uncovers Greg’s secret camera. A camera connected to a server that could hold some damning evidence against Greg. Malcolm knocks Trish out and Jessica leaves Greg alone in his home. Their team-up is over.

Jessica returns home after a reassuring and boozy meet up with Erik. She cracks open a bottle of Bourbon and gets to work, but begins feeling woozy. Greg breaks into her office as she blacks out. Jessica wakes up bound and partially paralyzed due to Greg drugging her liquor. She can’t free herself, leaving Greg plenty of time to find her truth. He believes Jessica always wanted to be a hero. She wants to believe that was the purpose of her family’s death. But her truth is that she’ll never be a hero. Tears flow as Jessica reminds Greg that there is no truth in fear.

The words don’t really matter to Greg. He has a suitable photo, but Jessica brings up Dorothy before he can get physical. None of Greg’s pictures, especially Dorothy’s, aren’t their subjects’ truths. And Greg’s truth isn’t rooted in a mission against cheaters. He likes killing. The words anger Greg to the point that he admits he killed Dorothy to punish Jessica. That’s exactly what she wanted to hear. She breaks free, having never actually been paralyzed, reveals that she recorded the confession and immobilizes Greg. She and Erik recover Greg’s server as Costa takes Greg into custody. Jessica had new evidence after all.

The New Trish

Trish wakes up chained to a pipe in her loft with Malcolm watching over her. He reminds her that Jessica still believes in her, but Trish feels justified in her actions. Malcolm asks her if she misses who she used to be. She doesn’t. She’s more upset that Malcolm won’t free her. She reminds him of the evil things he’s done before recounting how she lied to put her abusive father away. The act was both wrong and right, just like what she is doing now. But what if she becomes the evil she fights against?

Trish seems resolved to her new self in the end and Malcolm loses his window when Jessica returns to free her. Greg is in jail and Trish’s secret is safe. She shows Trish her photo as proof. It’s over. Trish is still angry, but that’s a burden she and Jessica must carry because most can’t. Trish apologizes and goes back to her day job. He hero days might be over as well.


Greg calls Jessica from jail questioning Jessica’s threatening to reveal Trish’s secret. Jessica doesn’t honor his desperate question with an answer. Sacrificing Trish isn’t of Greg’s concern anymore in Jessica’s eyes. But Trish takes that task upon herself by breaking into the prison tunnel and beating Greg to death in an elevator leading to the courthouse ahead of his court appearance. Greg promises that Jessica will see Trish’s truth before she kicks his head in. Trish escapes and the door opens to reveal the bloodbath, giving Jeri and Jessica an eyeful. Trish sacrificed herself.

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