Pennyworth’s Cast Explains Why Alfred’s Backstory is Exciting

Next month, Epix subscribers can travel back to 1960s London to discover the origin of Batman’s most trusted confidant. It may be true that no one was exactly clamoring for a series focusing on Alfred Pennyworth’s younger years. However, the people involved with the show maintain that his story is definitely worth telling. In a new video posted to Pennyworth’s official Twitter account, the cast and crew discuss what sets the series apart from other comic adaptations. You can watch it for yourself below.

Alfred doesn’t have any superpowers of his own, but the first trailers for Pennyworth suggest that it won’t be lacking in action. Early footage has painted the series as a retro spy thriller. But according to executive producer Bruno Heller, Alfred’s humanity is exactly what makes his adventures appealing.

“There’s this massive DC mythological universe populated with superheroes and these fantastic characters,” said Heller. “One of the few sort of real human beings in that world is Alfred Pennyworth. This is very much the epic story of a life.”

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Heller’s fellow producer, Danny Cannon, went onto explain that the show revolves around Alfred’s attempts to escape the shadow of his father, who is also a butler. Instead, he wants to use his army training to start a security business.

“No one has heard any of these stories before,” Heller continued. “No one has seen when Batman’s mom met Batman’s dad. It gives us the chance to tell fantastic stories with a base in the real human being.”

Viewers might scoff at the idea at a Batman-adjacent series that doesn’t employ any superhuman characters. Regardless, Paloma Faith, who plays the villainous Bet Sykes, insists that they “don’t really need the supernatural” to keep audiences engaged. Emma Corrin, who co-stars as Esme Winikus, echoed this idea.

“It’s a side of the DC world we haven’t seen before,” said Corrin. “It’s intensely human.”

Pennyworth premieres on Epix on July 28. You can share your thoughts on this new behind-the-scenes video in the comment section below!

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