Blake’s 7 Star Paul Darrow Passes Away

BBC is reporting that veteran actor, Paul Darrow, has passed away after a brief illness. While Darrow may not be well known in America, in his native Britain, he was famous for starring in the cult sci-fi series, Blake’s 7.

Darrow portrayed Kerr Avon for all four seasons of Blake’s 7. As conceived by Terry Nation, the creator of the Daleks, Blake’s 7 followed a band of rebels as they attempted to take down an intergalactic empire. Avon was initially second-in-command to Roj Blake (Gareth Thomas). However, at the beginning of the third season, Avon emerged as the new main character. Darrow headlined the series for the two remaining seasons. Blake’s 7 infamously ended with a cliffhanger that left Avon smiling in the face of his certain demise.

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Additionally, Darrow appeared in two Doctor Who serials: Doctor Who and the Silurians, and Timelash. Outside of his genre appearances, Darrow had extensive experience on television. Some of his credits include The Legend of Robin HoodLittle BritainHollyoaks, Murder Must Advertise, and The Saint. Darrow gained more fame as the voice of Jack for Britian’s radio stations.

EW complied tributes to Darrow from a few of his fellow performers. The outlet also shared this compilation of Darrow’s best lines and insults from Blake’s 7.

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