Exclusive Extended Preview – Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel To Be Kin #1

Exclusive Preview – Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel To Be Kin #1

After a two year absence, Geof Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy is returning next week in a brand new miniseries, Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel To Be Kin. As before, Darrow is once again writing and illustrating the adventures of the ex-Shaolin monk turned desert wanderer. You don’t need to read any previous Shaolin Cowboy comics to appreciate the incredible level of detail that Darrow brings to his pages. And the story is quite absurd, as you’ll soon see.

“The latest Shaolin Cowboy series is two years in the making, clocks in at seven issues and has more beheadings than you can count,” said Darrow in a statement. “Each issue of the series has variant covers, from the likes of Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, my daughter Alice Darrow, and the director of the Once Upon a Time in China film series, the great Tsui Hark. As for me, I’ve already finished writing and drawing the entire series. Sometimes people will ask me what’s next when I finish a project. For me what’s next is I hope people buy it and read it.”

Superhero Hype is proud to present an extended preview of Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel To Be Kin #1, along with the covers by Geof Darrow, Mike Mignola, and Alice Darrow. As for the plot, all we know for sure is that someone unexpected is retelling the story of his first meeting with the Shaolin Cowboy.

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Here’s the official description courtesy of Dark Horse Comics:

“In Phase 4 of the SCU, the Shaolin Cowboy finds his parenting skills being tested when he is forced to homeschool during a pandemic of unparalleled violence, in this story torn from yesterday’s viral twitter feeds.

Can he get a kung fu grip on the situation before a horde of .45 loving human monsters and not so human monsters send him to the ICU?

Only guns, swords, and flying guillotines will tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel To Be Kin #1 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, May 18.

Are you looking forward to the new adventure of Shaolin Cowboy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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