David Haller Plays Mind Games in the New Legion Season 3 Teaser

Legion devotees may be most excited to see Harry Lloyd’s Professor X make his way to the small screen this year. Of course, the spotlight still belongs to his son, David Haller, and it looks like he’ll be damned if someone tries to take it from him. FX has just released a new 30-second teaser for the final season of their acclaimed X-Men-adjacent series. If viewers questioned David’s morality before, they’re certainly not going to be swayed by this latest offering. See it for yourself below.

Dressed in an outfit befitting a hippie commune, David addresses the camera in a voice that’s ostensibly calm, but with a sinister undertone. He leads viewers in a guided meditation exercise while standing next to a TV displaying a sun-dappled body of water. However, as he speaks, characters flash onscreen beside him à la Tyler Durden in Fight Club. Making the scene even more chilling are the faces that eventually appear on the TV. Despite David’s seemingly friendly disposition, the faces assure viewers that he can’t help them. Instead, “he’ll only cause pain.”

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Series creator Noah Hawley has admitted that he always conceived Legion as a three-act production. Hawley explained his thinking during an appearance at this year’s TCA (via The Hollywood Reporter).

“What the show is following is this cycle of mental illness,” said Hawley. “We met David [Dan Stevens] who had been at his lowest point and tried to kill himself, then he meets Syd [Rachel Keller] and he gets balanced out. He’s on his meds. He gets out and everything’s going great for a while, and he thinks maybe I don’t need these meds. He goes off meds the and spirals down, which is where we find him now. The question now is can he get back to some kind of good place, or is he gone for good? Once we tell that story it feels like we’d be going back to the beginning of the cycle.”

Legion’s third and final season premieres on June 24 on FX. What do you think of this new trailer? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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