Legion Season 3 Teaser Unveils a Young Professor X

The upcoming third season of FX’s Legion may be its last, but the series intends to go out on a high note by bringing one of the most recognizable faces from the X-Men mythos along for the ride. Game of Thrones’ Harry Lloyd will appear throughout the final season as Charles Xavier, father of Dan Stevens’ David Haller. Lloyd’s take on Professor X was already teased in a trailer released earlier this month. But now, FX has premiered a new look at the show’s iteration of the character. You can check it out for yourself below.

David’s narration reaffirms that he doesn’t know much about his father beyond that fact that he was a mutant. From here, we’re treated to flashbacks of Xavier as a young man, complete with a full head of hair. He’s also seen building what looks like an early version of Cerebro, which suggests that viewers will get to witness the origins of his school for the gifted.

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Most notably, the trailer gives us some new insight into this series’ primary villain, Shadow King. That character’s presence has been felt in previous episodes. However, it looks like he’s about to have a much bigger role on the show this year. David mentions that his father made an enemy out of the “monster” early in his life. To make matters worse, the Shadow King  took possession of David for years, but he still isn’t sure why. Hopefully, that question will be answered when Legion begins its swan song on June 24.

What do you think of this latest trailer for Legion? Are you excited to see Lloyd’s performance as a young Charles Xavier? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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