Jason Alexander Defends the Game of Thrones Finale

After eight years, Game of Thrones ended last night with a finale that left a vocal contingent of fans unsatisfied. Several viewers were still reeling from the series’ penultimate episode, which memorably featured Daenerys Targaryen’s abrupt and ostensibly out-of-character decision to reduce King’s Landing (and its blameless inhabitants) to ash. It looks like those same fans are dismissing the final installment as an unworthy conclusion to George R.R. Martin’s fantasy epic. Despite these criticisms, the show seems to have an ally in former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander.

Back in 1998, Seinfeld closed out its nine-season run with a series finale that also polarized longtime fans. Critics famously took issue with the decision to leave the central characters in prison for a year. Regardless, the show is still considered to be one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Now that Game of Thrones is facing a similar response, the actor who portrayed George Costanza is reaching out to the series’ cast and crew. Alexander sent out a tweet earlier today praising their work over eight seasons and telling them not to sweat the haters.

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As touching as Alexander’s words are, they might not be enough to sway the series’ more stubborn viewers. Even as we speak, a number of fans are probably just waiting for Martin to finally wrap up the Song of Ice and Fire saga in book form to see if it’s more to their liking. But according to Martin, the books’ ending won’t be all that different from the TV show’s ending. And it may still be several years away.

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