Jon Cryer Teases Lex Luthor’s Plans for the Supergirl Season Finale

Jon Cryer’s take on Lex Luthor didn’t make his Arrowverse debut until the tail end of Supergirl’s current season. However, his presence on the series has actually been felt all year long. Lex’s recent character arc has revealed that he was to blame for Kara Danvers’ Red Daughter clone, Agent Liberty’s anti-alien crusade, and the impending conflict between the U.S. and Kaznia. Needless to say, Cryer’s portrayal hasn’t been the campy approach that many viewers were expecting. And according to Cryer himself, Lex will descend even further into madness on Sunday’s season finale.

“[The finale] reveals his ultimate plan, which is even darker than I expected,” said Cryer in a new Entertainment Weekly interview. “There’s another plan within this plan. It reveals his more sociopathic tendencies, and that’s actually what’s been fun for me playing the character — this iteration of Lex is a real threat. They really let Lex be scary.”

“[His plan] also involves him getting revenge on Superman,” continued Cryer. “He really tries to wrap it all up in one super-duper evil plan.”

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Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel isn’t expected to make another appearance on the show this year. Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl will have to endure the brunt of the Lex’s vendetta. Additionally, the villain will have some family drama to deal with when he reunites with his sister, Lena, and his mother, Lillian.

“It feels like those awfully tense scenes that all families go through, except one of them is maybe about to be a mass murderer,” said Cryer. “The stuff he does to both Red Daughter and his family members is just remarkable. He should give a TED talk. It’s kind of jaw-droppingly evil, and it’s of the things I was really excited about doing. He’s hard to top. He has a history of being evil in pretty grand ways, but it’s the little interpersonal evil this finale reveals.”

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