Superman 15 cover by Rafa Sandoval
(Image Source: DC / Rafa Sandoval)

Lex Luthor Redeems Himself, Suffers Because of It in Superman #15

The current Superman series opened with Lex Luthor handing control of his company to the Man of Steel before going to prison. Luthor claimed he wished to make amends for his crimes and to help Superman’s mission of helping others. The Man of Steel was skeptical, given their history and Luthor’s manipulative nature. However, the end of the House of Brainiac event confirmed Luthor’s good intentions, though he paid the price to prove them.

Written by Joshua Williamson, with art by Rafa Sandoval, Superman #15 found the Man of Steel and Luthor joining with Lobo to stop Brainiac. Luthor had a personal stake in the battle, as Brainiac intended to use Lex’s daughter, Lena, as a living databank. However, to the surprise of all assembled, Luthor sacrificed himself to shut down the robotic brain of Brainiac.

Lex Luthor sacrifices himself in Superman 15
(Image Source: DC / Rafa Sandoval)

This single act proved that Lex Luthor was sincere in his efforts to redeem himself. Long defined by his greed, Luthor realized that “there are more important things than knowledge and power.” His actions set off a chain reaction that destroyed Brainiac’s ship, seemingly slaying the alien cyborg once and for all.

Lex Luthor redeems himself and loses his mind

Once everyone was safely returned to Earth, Superman happily admitted he had been wrong about his greatest enemy. He noted that he was proud of Lex Luthor, stating he was “the man you promised to be.” Lex was confused by these words, however, asking Superman if he was speaking to him. It became clear that Luthor’s actions saved the day, but at the cost of his memory and mind.

Lex Luthor amnesia in Superman 15
(Image Source: DC / Rafa Sandoval)

It seems unlikely that Luthor’s redemption will stick. There are few constants in comics, but the evil of Lex Luthor is one of them. It seems certain that the restoration of Luthor’s memory will also restore his original corrupt personality. For now, at least, Lex Luthor has proven himself to be a friend to Superman and a true hero.

Superman #15 is now available at comic shops everywhere.