The Green Fights Back in Swamp Thing’s Latest Trailer

Later this month, DC Universe is bringing Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson’s iconic hero, Swamp Thing, back to live-action. While glimpses of the titular creature are still rare, Swamp Thing‘s latest trailer plays up the horror as the swamp itself seems to retaliate against humanity.

Readers of the Swamp Thing comics should know that the “swamp” is actually a manifestation of The Green, an elemental force that connects all forms of plant life on Earth. The Green doesn’t exactly have warm feelings for mankind, especially now. Within the series, Alec Holland (Andy Bean) and Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) are CDC doctors who are investigating a deadly virus. At the same time, they’re growing closer and forming a romantic bond. But the new footage shows Alec and Abby facing the dire consequences because of the swamp’s rage. It also appears to depict part of Alec’s transformation into Swamp Thing (Derek Mears).

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Maria Sten co-stars in the series as Liz Tremayne, with Henderson Wade as Matt Cable, and Jennifer Beals as Lucilia Cable. Jeryl Prescott is portraying Madame Xanadu, while Ian Ziering is playing Daniel Cassidy, a faded movie star who is destined to become Blue Devil. Will Patton and Virginia Madsen also star in the series as Avery and Maria Sunderland.

Swamp Thing will premiere on May 31 on DC Universe. What do you think about the new teaser? Let us know in the comment section below!

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