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The Flash Season 5 Episode 21 Recap

Last week on The Flash, the Barry and the team discovered Cicada 2’s master plan. On this week’s episode, they try to stop the dagger-wielding menace before she completes her plan to murder all metahumans in Central City.

The Girl With The Red Lightning

The Flash

The episode Starts off with Thawne being prepared for his execution. Back in the present, Cicada 2 decides to enact her master plan, which includes wiping every Meta out of existence. Team Flash realizes that she still needs a few items to complete the cryo-atomizer, one of which is a quantum tunnel converter. While Joe and Cecile go to CCPD, the gang tests the mirror gun, which seems successful. Eventually, Cicada is able to steal the converter, which will boost the effect of the cryo-atomizer to kill Metas nationwide.

In the aftermath of the attack, Nora reveals that she’s still connected to Grace’s mindscape. She wants to use this against Cicada 2, but Barry and Iris are hesitant considering her recent ordeal with the negative Speed Force. Eventually, the gang learns that Cicada 2 still needs one crucial piece, a hyperconduit prototype. As it turns out, Cisco’s college roommate created one, which they attempt to intercept before Grace. The Flash arrives to snag the hyperconduit but finds a bomb instead. After narrowly escaping the exploding lab, Barry informs the team that Cicada 2 has all that she needs to enact her plan.

Joe Knows Best

The Flash

At CCPD, Joe and Cecile convince captain Singh to use the precinct to administer the Meta cure. They work at CCPD to administer the cure and their efforts are broadcast on the news. They quickly become overwhelmed with an influx of Metas because of the panic that the broadcast creates. After being bombarded with questions while trying to control the situation, Joe has a mental breakdown due to the stress.

Staff at the station struggle to handle the chaos from people showing up for the cure, while Joe takes a breather in the hall. Cecille confronts Joe about why he’s overwhelmed and he admits that he doesn’t feel equipped to be the boss. Cecille gives him a pep talk and Joe eventually manages to calm down the incensed crowd in only a way that Joe could. Cicada 2 arrives at the precinct, which causes the Metas to panic and run away. Joe confronts her, but she is able to activate the device using the dagger.


The Flash

Considering his knowledge of her Meta abilities, Sherloque goes to warn Irene of Cicada 2’s impending attack. Before he can do this, Cicada 2 arrives and attempts to murder them both with the dagger. Irene is able to use her powers to save herself and Sherloque, while Grace gets away with the quantum tunnel converter. Afterward, Irene is concerned about her safety and Sherloque offers a solution to her problem – the cure.

They head to CCPD, and we learn that the Irene wants the cure but is also hesitant. She eventually reneges on her decision and leaves suddenly, while Sherloque chases after her. Sherloque is able to catch up with Irene on the street, learning that she loves having her powers. Eventually Sherloque gets the idea to send her to his earth using a portal disc. This would allow her to stay safe while still keeping her powers. They kiss and she steps through the portal with Sherloque vowing to come get her once the dust settles.

Thawne’s Plans Have Plans

The Flash

Earlier at STAR Labs, Ralph attempts to warn them of the many paradoxes that arise from their conundrum with the dagger. However, Barry insists that destroying the dagger is still the priority. Iris questions their decision to keep Nora out of the fold. Barry and Nora find her as she uses the device from earlier in the season to reconnect with Grace’s mind. Fortunately, they are able to cut off the connection before the negative speed force energy does any damage. Eventually, Nora decides to face her problem head on, much to the reluctance of her parents. They agree to keep her safe while she connects with Cicada 2. This is achieved by putting her in the Thawne trap used in previous seasons. After Nora connects with Grace’s mind, she is able to discover where she plans to activate the device – CCPD.

The Flash, Cisco, Killer Frost and Ralph arrive and a fight with Cicada 2 ensues. Cisco works to hack the atomizer using Nora’s futuristic gauntlet, while the rest fight it out. During the battle, Grace reveals that she never had the dagger in the future and only received it in the present. Ralph and Killer Frost are able to fend Grace’s Meta powers off long enough for Cisco to deactivate the atomizer and remove the dagger. As Barry fires the mirror gun to destroy the dagger, Ralph flashes back to his visit of Thawne’s cell earlier in the season. Suddenly, he comes to the realization Thawne possesses the dagger in the future, which was under his prison vest this whole time. Meaning that if the dagger is removed from existence in the present, future Thawne’s powers will no longer be suppressed in prison.

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