Supergirl season 4 episode 20 recap

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 20 Recap

The beacon of hope spawned from Kara’s interview with Dreamer grew slightly dimmer as Supergirl sped its way toward season’s end. Nia’s message of unity swayed many minds, but Ben and Lex remained steadfast in their missions. So much so that Kara and her allies spread to opposite sides of the globe to combat their plans. With Lena and Kara on Lex’s trail in Kaznia, Brainy, Nia and James did what they could to keep Agent Liberty’s forces in check. This isn’t the best strategy, but superpowers have a way of evening the odds. Unfortunately, Ben knows that too.

Unto Yourself

George’s eulogy for his mother is interrupted when Ben storms out of the funeral and into the halls of the DEO. He continues his descent into chaos, ordering the agency commit all forces to find Dreamer and the alien that killed his wife. Brainy leaves a training session with Nia and James to watch over the DEO in Alex’s absence. It isn’t long before he runs interference on Ben as he tries to access Lena’s research. Ben responds by shooting his way into the lab and taking samples of Lena’s super serum. Brainy warns him against using the serum on himself, but Ben is distracted by the discovery of his wife’s killer’s location. Not even a chance to make up with his son will keep him from seeking his form of justice.

Ben and a DEO squad raid a alien refuge, arresting the suspect and ordering the other aliens into enhanced interrogation. Brainy refutes the torture order and tries to appeal to DEO code when Ben orders the arrest of the arriving Nia and James. Ben takes matters into his own hands by injecting himself with the serum. He withstands the trio’s attacks and threatens James’ life until J’onn enters. Ben’s threats ring hollow to J’onn. The law of Liberty isn’t everlasting and Ben will fall with it. J’onn trashes Ben and the team escape. The suped-up Ben finds his son at the church, but George wants nothing to do with him. He has no forgiveness in his heart for his father. All he did as Agent Liberty was for himself. Ben is left alone staring at his wife’s memorial with another vial of black kryptonite in his hands.

Scars, New & Old

Alex is pulled away from the day’s action thanks to a surprise call from the adoption agency. A teen mother in labor is giving up her baby for adoption and Alex is in line to be the mother. She’s going to be a mother. The news expectedly sends her into a whirlwind of self-doubt, but Kelly keeps her grounded as they travel to where the child is being born. Kelly reassures Alex that she’ll make an outstanding mother just before she learns the adoption is off. The mother chose to keep the child, leaving Alex reeling. The experience ends up being just another emotional scar for Alex, but Kelly comforts her. All wounds heal, no matter how deep they are. Kelly knows that because she lost her fiance in combat before they could ever be out publicly. But that scar faded into memory despite the pain. This one will too.

Kara and Lena hit some turbulence in Kaznia, but the two arrive safely after some quick moves from Kara. It’s hard keeping a secret identity. Especially when the guilt builds after Lena apologizes for her own secrets. Either way, the two still have to investigate a suspiciously empty Kaznian base. They soon discover evidence of Lex’s experiments syphoning power from aliens. Kara discovers that the aliens used at the base were DEO prisoners, meaning that Lex has a mole in the U.S. government. The two find Eve not long afterward, but she isn’t acting like herself. A set of claw marks lead to a lab housing both classic and black kryptonite along with evidence of a planned Kaznian invasion of the U.S. with Lex at the helm. The room also houses footage of Snow Bird, or, as Lex refers her, Red Daughter.

The discover shocks Kara. It can’t linger long, though, as another Eve arrives and activates the base’s self-destruct sequence. Imbued with the powers of the alien Copy, Eve absorbs her replicant and leaves Lena and Kara to their doom. The two make a run for it, but Kara is bewildered to find her diary and pictures of her as Kara in Red Daughter’s room. She burns the room, reuniting with Lena long enough to peg President Baker’s Chief of Staff, Sarah Walker, as Lex’s mole before Eve lures Lena away. Kara and Lena fight copies of Eve separately, leaving Kara barely enough time to escape the exploding base. The numerous close calls inspire Kara to reveal her secret identity to Lena, but the fear of violating Lena’s trust dissuades her.

Back home, Kara tells James about Sarah’s connection to Lex before taking the information to Baker. The president ignores the evidence and triggers a silent alarm. Kara is taken by Baker’s forces, implying that he might be involved in the Kaznian invasion. Another problem swept under the rug.

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