New Gotham Preview Reveals a Nod To Nightwing

The final season of Gotham has some serious traction when it comes to moving forward with its iconic characters. And based on a clip from the latest episode, we’ve got a nod to a whole new legacy.

In the clip, titled “They Did What?”, Lucius Fox gives Bruce Wayne a run-through on Wayne Enterprises’ tech. As he does so, he mentions a piece of technology called the “Nightwing Project,” which never saw its way to fruition. Wayne refers to it as “portable next-gen stealth tech.” But as Fox explains, the technology had a certain side effect that made it impractical for use in the field. However, it will probably come in handy to Bruce when he becomes Batman.

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Despite the warning, Wayne chooses to claim the technology. In the comics and in the films, Batman has summoned bats to distract his enemies. This appears to be the origin of that technology.

Of course, Nightwing is also the superhero name Dick Grayson chooses when he decides to leave his Robin identity behind. While it’s unclear if this world’s Bruce Wayne will also adopt Grayson, it seems likely that he will. After all, Dick’s parents appeared in the first season of Gotham. Another callback to Robin may inevitable.

The next episode of Gotham airs tonight on Fox.

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