Walking Dead season 9 episode 12 recap
Ryan Hurst as Beta, Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 12 Recap

Altruism has a way of landing someone in situations way over their head. Henry learned that lesson all too well in The Walking Dead’s latest installment when he became one of few outsiders to get a glimpse of Alpha’s full ranks. Granted that view came with Beta’s knife at his throat. Nevertheless, his hubris soured a trade that prevented conflict. Even worse, he brought conflict to a world where Michonne finally began regaining her previous perspective on community. Cue the powder keg, people.

Where You Belong

Lydia is fitting right back in with her shambling family, minus not having her walker mask. She quells Alpha’s suspicions about Daryl and the Hilltop, explaining that she lied to gain their trust. The only truth she spoke was that they shouldn’t mess with her mother. Lydia is more concerned about why Alpha broke the rules and came for her. Alpha dismisses the “stupid question” as others express concern about the act quietly.

That concern over protocol goes on the backburner when Beta discovers Henry tailing them closely. His heroic pursuit to rescue Lydia gets him a Jericho-level armbar from Beta and a jawjacking from Lydia. Believing others will be coming after Henry, Alpha brings him along with the pack as they return to their well-populated camp. Alpha’s concerns are spot on as Daryl and Connie are hot on their trail.

Baby Chart Party

It’s been a while since our last visit to Alexandria, but tensions haven’t lowered since that last peek. Inter-community relations sit atop the totem pole, just below it is Gabriel’s newfound paternal dilemma. His partner, Rosita, is pregnant with Siddiq’s baby from a previous relationship. Rosita remains committed to Gabriel despite the situation but understands if he doesn’t want to be a surprise daddy.

Eugene takes it upon himself to make a series of pro/con charts and mathematical scoring tables to help Gabriel with his decision, but some things can’t be distilled down to raw data. He appeals to Gabriel emotionally upon the chart’s rejection, pointing out how much Rosita cares for him. His words work well enough to get Gabriel, Rosita and Siddiq to sit down together to discuss the situation while Eugene is left to digest his own romantic feelings for Rosita.

For The People

Alexandria’s political strife drowns out those pregnancy woes. The discovery of the Whisperers emboldens Michonne to maintain her isolationist position despite Gabriel and the council’s push to open their gates again. Aaron sides with Michonne, but Siddiq believes they have a duty to aid the Kingdom as it falls into disrepair. The Fair is days away, giving Alexandria a perfect opportunity to reenter the outside world. Michonne remains stubborn, promising to veto any vote taken by the council.

Her next step in preserving Alexandria’s survival is to question Negan about his escape and return. Negan’s assertions that he has changed don’t convince Michonne. He believes he can be more than just a testament to Rick’s mercy, but Michonne refuses to release him. Negan warns that her grip on the citizens of Alexandria will be her demise, much like his own with the Saviors. You can defy the will of the people for only so long. A glimpse at Judith sitting outside the jail ends the conversation abruptly. Judith’s comparison between the changes in Negan and Michonne shake Alexandria’s leader. So much so that she calls a new vote on Alexandria’s participation the the Kingdom’s festival with the promise that she won’t veto the decision.

Where Loyalties Lie

Things as the Whisperer camp are getting more testy by the minute. Alpha kills two followers in front of Henry for the crime of questioning her leadership. Protecting her own neck isn’t all she’s out to do though. After regaling Beta with a memory of watching Lydia nearly suffocate herself as a toddler before hitting her, Alpha orders Lydia to kill Henry to prove her loyalty. She states her opposition to the order with her tears, but a herd of walkers descend on the camp, alleviating her of her task. Daryl and Connie, disguised as Whisperers, are among the dead and lead Henry and Lydia away as Alpha and crew retreat into the night.

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