Elizabeth Anweis Joins the Batwoman Pilot

One of the more surprising aspects of the Batwoman pilot is that Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane gained another sister. Nicole Kang was previously cast as Kate’s stepsister. Mary Hamilton. Now, Elizabeth Anweis is joining the cast as Mary’s mother and Kate’s stepmother.

Via Deadline, Anweis is playing Catherine Hamilton-Kane, which makes her the second wife of Dougray Scott’s Jacob Kane on the show. Unlike Mary, Catherine was a part of Batwoman’s comic book history. It also appears that the show is setting Catherine as a nemesis to Kate both in and out of costume. Per the report, “Catherine made her fortune as a savvy, bullheaded defense contractor, and all those billions position her as one of Gotham’s most powerful residents. For Catherine, it’s a matter of the bottom line: Batwoman is bad for business.”

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Most of Anweis’ previous credits are for guest roles on shows including the Twin Peaks revival, 9-1-1, The Affair, and NCIS: Los Angeles. The report doesn’t indicate whether Catherine and Jacob are still married in the pilot episode. But there have been hints that some of Batwoman’s  origin is intact. That includes the terrorist attack that claimed the life of Jacob’s first wife and Kate’s mother, Gabi Kane. Rachel Skarsten is portraying Alice/Beth, the twin sister of Kate who was thought to be dead in that same attack.

Camrus Johnson is also in the Batwoman pilot as Luke Fox, the son Bruce Wayne’s right hand man, Lucius Fox. Meagan Tandy is playing Sophie Moore, Kate Kane’s lover from their time in military academy. Batwoman will begin production soon, and a full series order is likely to follow.

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