Umbrella Academy season 1 episode 3 recap

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Making the mood more dour than a family death is a deft talent, but the former members of The Umbrella Academy are far from ordinary in every way. Number 5’s glass eye-focused quest fizzled before dodging gunfire from Hazel and Cha-Cha. A hail of bullets did little to stop 5’s search, but the well-armed duo found a new location to light up: the Hargreeves mansion. Good thing all of the other Hargreeves children were there discussing Mom’s role in Reginald’s death. All of that action ripped down the curtain, revealing even more vulnerable bits for all involved.

We Need To Talk About Mom

Allison shows the unmarked tape to Luther, revealing that Mom was at Reginald’s side when he died. Luther instantly suspects that she poisoned their father, but Mom has no recollection of that night’s events. She doesn’t even remember Reginald dying next to her. Allison realizes that the trauma caused to Mom by being left alone in the mansion for 13 years is lost in all of the murder-mystery turmoil. This does little to deter Luther. The two leave to gather their siblings for a family meeting.

All the Hargreeves, sans Number 5, gather in the sitting room to view the tape. Diego immediately throws water on Luther’s theory by pointing out that Mom was simply removing Reginald’s monocle in the video. He further knows this because he took the monocle from her after the memorial service. The rest flip, but conversation soon turns back to Mom. Vanya points out that she was built as both a caretaker and a protector but her mechanical elements could be degrading beyond repair. Luther floats the idea of turning her off and is swiftly met with opposition from Diego as he recalls Mom’s support while he battled a stutter as a child. The group take a vote with Vanya and Klaus supporting Diego while Allison sides with Luther. Allison declares the vote open until Number 5 weighs in, whenever that might be.

Obsessions & Regrets

Personal passion is something that Vanya has struggled with since writing her book five years ago. The tireless work of telling her family’s story seems to be the last time she had any motivation. She arrives late to her orchestra rehearsal and tries to make small talk with the first chair violinist afterward. All that elicits is the same message she received from her father: Vanya doesn’t possess anything special. The confrontation leads her to seek solace at Leonard’s wood shop. The delighted man shows her his collection of handmade wood carvings, including one he made overnight of Vanya. He gives it to her and asks her out to dinner before revealing his knowledge of the Umbrella Academy’s history.

Allison has her own baggage to work through as it relates to her daughter. She’s being forced to attend therapy in exchange for visitation rights with Claire due to her using her rumor power on her. Everything in her life came as a result of rumoring people, leading her to believe nothing in her life is genuine. Not even Luther is able to make her feel better. Elsewhere, Number 5 stakes out the Meritech doctor despite interruptions from Luther and Klaus. He watches the doc exchange a briefcase for an envelope and begins following him.

Assault On House Hargreeves

Hazel and Cha-Cha’s failure to take out Number 5 is met with pay reduction and the threat of their payoff decreasing for every additional day it takes them to complete their task. The financial kick in the butt and a tip from the donut shop waitress leads them to the doors of the Hargreeves mansion. They don their cartoon masks and open fire on Diego after exploring the house. The gunshots summon Luther and Allison to the fight while Mom sits oblivious to the attack.

Hazel is soon left alone with Vanya but Luther returns to defend her. The two big boys battle as Diego wounds Cha-Cha. Hazel takes down Luther long enough to escape before Cha-Cha drops a chandelier on him. Luther rises from the wreckage barely harmed but the twisting metal rips his clothing, revealing his Martian gorilla body. He runs away as his kin looks on in astonishment.

Where To Go From Here

Diego realizes Mom’s lack of reaction to the battle waged only feet from her. Her disassociation convinces Diego that she should be shut down. His hard exterior comes down momentarily as his stutter returns while saying goodbye to the only mother he ever knew. That sadness morphs into anger directed at Vanya. He labels her a liability because she isn’t like them. Vanya leaves thanks to feeling unwelcome in her childhood home yet again. She winds up at Leonard’s home, telling him she had nowhere else to go.

Hazel and Cha-Cha regroup at the hotel after the botched mission. They clearly have no knowledge of the Hargreeves’ past as superheroes, but Hazel didn’t leave empty handed. He brought Klaus along for the ride in the trunk of his car. The duo now have a hostage. Unfortunately, they took the most extra Hargreeves child of all.

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