Gotham Season 5 Episode 6 Recap

On the last episode of Gotham, Gordon was shocked to see that his old friend Eduardo Dorrance and his team were called in to help the struggling city. While Bruce struggled to grapple with the morality of Selina’s actions, Nygma discovered that he was being mind-controlled thanks to a chip implanted by Hugo Strange. Eventually, Gordon learned that Eduardo was the one controlling Riddler, and his old friend programmed Nygma to hunt him down.

In Gotham season 5 episode 6, Gordon amasses an unlikely team to take on Eduardo and his men when a familiar face resurfaces. Meanwhile, Penguin and Selina team up to outsmart a new villain named Magpie.

Convoluted Complications


Gordon is on the run from a mind-controlled Riddler. Nygma eventually gains a killing stroke, but Gordon manages to knock Ed out. Nygma eventually wakes, and Gordon interrogates him before retreating to Barbara’s Sirens club. Back at GCPD, Bruce and Alfred start to suspect that Eduardo’s unit might have ulterior motives. Gordon and Nygma visit Barbara, who reluctantly agrees to shelter them. Eduardo shows up, and a firefight ensues. Nygma pretends to be under control of the chip, before turning on Eduardo’s men and allowing the trio to escape.

Returning to GCPD HQ, Eduardo executes several hostages. Thee remaining civilians including Bullock are rounded up into cells. Gordon, Barbara, Bruce, and Alfred create a plan. After Lucius removes the chip from Nygma’s brain, they intend to broadcast the contents of the chip to the outside world. However, they need a radio tower to transmit the data that is conveniently located on the GCPD roof. But over the radio, Eduardo reveals that he has Gordon’s ex, Lee Thompkins, as a hostage. They arrange a trade – Nygma for Lee. Yet Gordon’s true intention is to bring the chip, while the others transmit the data.

Magpie’s Menace


Elsewhere, Penguin catches an intruder in his safe room, which is a stockpile of treasure. This intruder turns out to be Magpie, and she leaves explosive duplicates of the items that she steals. She gives Penguin a replica diamond, but it explodes and she gets away with the real one. Angered, Penguin visits Selina, and she tells him that everyone is after her because she killed Jeremiah. Penguin offers refuge in his hideout in exchange for information on Magpie. She counter offers with the diamond as her prize.

The two team up to take down Magpie, but she gets away – leaving them trapped in her workshop and unable to tell which items are explosive. Selina realizes that the diamond is only the tip of the iceberg of Penguin’s hidden wealth. She also deduces that he is preparing to leave the city. Selina wants in on Penguin’s plan, and he agrees in exchange for her help getting out of the room alive. She mockingly breaks the door down and they return to his hideout, where Penguin finishes off an already gunned-down Magpie and solidifies their alliance.

It’s About Sending a Message


Nygma arrives at GCPD in a bomb suit touting a live suitcase bomb as a distraction. Simultaneously, Bruce arrives at the antenna, while Lucius, Barbara, and Alfred work from the inside of the building. A thug discovers Bruce on the rooftop, but he quickly disposes of him before completing the transmission. Nygma uses a terrible riddle to throw Eduardo’s men off. But Harvey unwittingly solves the riddle, thereby disarming the bomb early. Much to Nygma’s chagrin, he’s loaded with bullets, when some of Lucius’ gas knocks out Eduardo’s men at the last second.

Later, Alfred walks alone on an empty street, and Jeremiah quickly subdues him. Alfred wakes up confined, as Jeremiah reveals that the tunnel they’ve been digging goes under the river. With a big smile he says, “today’s the big day.”

Bane Begins


Gordon and Eduardo meet for the trade in the rubble of Haven. They fight, while Eduardo reveals Walker nursed him back to health. Eduardo also says that Walker was behind the Haven bombing. He then orders his men to kill Lee, but Eduardo knocks down Gordon before the remaining thug drags her away. Eduardo continues to monologue while he beats Gordon to a pulp, but the tables are turned when Eduardo is impaled. Gordon realizes that Lee shot the other guard holding her hostage, and they reunite.

Back at GCPD, the data was successfully transmitted. Lee shares her last memory, but she isn’t sure why she never left the city. It turns out that Lee also has a chip in her head, but Gordon is able to subdue her in time. Skeptical of Lee’s return, Barbara storms into Gordon’s office where she bluntly reveals that she’s pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Walker makes a surprise appearance, saving Eduardo by putting a proto-Bane mask on him to keep him alive. Walker mentions that Hugo Strange will be able to fix him, and Gotham’s Bane is born.

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