The Flash Season 5 Episode 14 Recap

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In last week’s episode of The Flash, Barry and Ralph infiltrated Goldface’s underground black market, where they eventually turned the tables and took down the leader. Meanwhile, Iris came face to face with Cicada, gambling with her life and barely escaping. Simultaneously, Nora unnecessarily exacerbated Sherloque’s love life. In The Flash season 5 episode 14, Barry travels to the speed force to finish the metahuman cure, while Cisco goes on a date and Nora – once again – messes up the timeline.

Speed Force Holiday

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Cisco prepares for his date with the bartender, Kamilla, whom he met a few weeks ago. Before he can leave, Cisco learns that he has also completed the metahuman cure. Unfortunately, Cisco’s cure needs another month before it will be ready to use. Sherloque recommends that they take the cure into the speed force to help accelerate the process, which will take roughly hour in real time. Barry refuses Nora’s help in the speed force, leaving her to protect Central City while he’s gone. Nora doubts her ability to hold things down, while Iris leaves to work in her new office.

Of course, Cicada strikes again, this time capturing Iris at her office before she can call for help. Later, Iris awakens tied to a chair on the roof of her building, as Cicada reveals that he knows she’s a part of Team Flash. Just as Nora and Killer Frost arrive at to save Iris, Cicada throws his dagger, which somehow loops around like a boomerang. The dagger hits Killer Frost in the back, killing her instantly. Distraught, Nora runs off at super speed, but she arrives back in STAR labs. Nora quickly realizes that she’s gone back in time to the moment where Barry left for his stay in the Speed Force. And she realizes that she has another chance to get things right.

Groundflash Day

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Realizing that she’s made yet another massive mistake, Nora vows to fix things the second time around. She succeeds in getting Iris to stay at S.T.A.R. Labs. However, Cicada simply targets Ralph and quickly captures him. Cicada interrogates Ralph, and the Elongated Man gets stabbed when Nora arrives to help. On the third go-around, Nora freaks out and Sherloque starts to suspect that something is up. Nora again stops Iris form leaving, and she also convinces Ralph to stay. Later, Sherloque sneaks into Iris’ office looking for answers, but he is captured by Cicada. Nora arrives at the rooftop, alone this time. However, Cisco breaches to the rooftop just as the dagger plunges into his back, killing him.

The fourth time, Nora becomes increasingly distraught. She brings everyone into a safe room in STAR labs. Back at the office, Cicada doesn’t find Iris, but he does see a picture of Cecile and Joe. Cecille is eventually captured and killed, causing Nora to once again go back in time. Nora arrives back at the inflection point for the fifth time. She tries to save them an additional 47 times to no avail. Eventually, Team Flash comes to the conclusion that Nora is reversing time, which she reluctantly admits to.

Good Vibe-rations

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Earlier, Ralph approached Cisco with a self-made“Book of Ralph,” which has dating tips and social media intel on Kamilla. Reluctantly, Cisco accepts Ralph’s advice. Cisco arrives for his date at Jitters overdressed, and things become increasingly awkward as the conversation progresses. Cisco tries to leave due to a metahuman alert, which offends Kamilla, and causes her to leave first. The second time, Cisco arrives for his date in more casual workout clothes. Once again, things don’t go well. And Cisco accidentally vibes Kamilla, before she once again leaves.

On this third date, Cisco dresses in an eclectic manner, but he keeps having visions of their previous encounters. When Cisco realizes that something’s wrong, he leaves Kamilla alone in Jitters. But Cisco only manages to get killed in that timeline. After defeating Cicada and breaking the loop, Cisco rejects Ralph’s help. Back at Jitters, Cisco arrives late, but he finally acts like himself. This time, his date with Kamilla actually goes well.

Nora Fixes Everything

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Nora explains the situation to Team Flash, and Cisco realizes that he’s been vibing the previous timelines. At this point, Nora reveals that she’s tried to fix things 52 different times. She also laments the fact that she can’t enter the Speed Force to get Barry’s help. Cisco has a heart-to-heart with Nora. He even tells her about his fatal encounter with Thawne in season 1. Cisco encourages Nora to be herself, which eventually inspires her to solve the issue. Sherloque recommends using Nora to reverse time just enough use Cicada’s dagger against him during the rooftop confrontation. Cicada once again investigates the office, and Iris confronts him on the roof as a distraction. The remainder of Team Flash arrives, which allows Nora to push Cicada into the path of his own dagger. Cicada retreats, and the team celebrate back at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Barry emerges from the Speed Force, and Nora fills him in on what he missed. Barry warns her of the dangerous effects of time travel. Later, Sherloque researches the symbols in Nora’s journal as the computer finally finishes deciphering a translation. Back in 2049, Nora visits Thawne for reassurance that their plan isn’t making things worse. He convinces Nora to follow through with the plan to kill Cicada, while assuring her that it will eventually save her father.

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