The Punisher season 2 episode 11 recap

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

The Punisher’s likely final season on Netflix rounded third and began speeding toward the finish line sirens blaring. Russo and Krista’s plan to break Frank’s resolve left him bloody, beaten and ready to die in a hospital bed. He might be settled to his chosen fate, but his allies aren’t ready to throw in the towel. Amy, Dinah and Karen Page took it upon themselves to prove Frank’s innocence and help him escape. It’s enough of a challenge without threats on both sides of the law gunning for your scalp. Then again, when has Frank Castle turned down a challenge?


The Punisher Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Frank struggles to comprehend his actions as his bloody heap of a body is transported to Sacred Saints hospital. Mahoney is there to personally make sure he makes it there. No one is giving the NYPD the slip this time around. Not yet at least.

Karen Page visits Frank soon after he is admitted. She watches over him until he comes to. He tells her to walk away from the situation because nothing can fix this. Karen remains resolved to help her close friend. Frank falls asleep again but is startled awake after dreaming of his family’s death. Russo isn’t the only one with a constantly repeating nightmare. He breaks down as he explains that the good part of those memories died with those women at Valhalla. Frank is the monster and he deserves to die.

They’re joined by Amy, posing as a nurse, who left the trailer after Curtis decided to not help Frank anymore. She tells Karen about the bounty on their heads as Dinah arrives. Dinah has doubts about Frank’s guilt for the murders after seeing the crime scene. She brokers a deal with Mahoney in order to see Frank, promising to turn Russo over to the NYPD when captured. The reunion is short-lived as Russo calls Dinah to taunt them. Frank is his own devil now. Russo wins.

Shared Scars

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Russo hangs up and Krista embraces him. There’s something off in Russo though. The psychopath remains disappointed despite their plan coming to fruition. Krista just wanted to make Russo happy but he wants to know how she feels after causing the women’s deaths. Krista avoids the question but Russo remains fearful that she’ll blame him for the pain and guilt some day. She reassures him that all she wants is to be happy together and she will do anything to secure that future.

Russo isn’t convinced seeing as Krista would have to give up everything she’s built to be with him. It isn’t too late for her to get out unscathed but Krista isn’t going anywhere. They make each other happy, but there is one thing gnawing at Russo. He wants to know about KM. The initials are an example of Krista holding back facts about her past while she knows everything about him. Krista reveals that KM was her dad, a Vietnam vet that struggled mentally after the war. He caused Krista’s fall when he picked her up and leaped from the window. He died, she survived. There was no one to save him back then, so she won’t let Russo suffer similarly when she can help him. The scars and memories always remain, but healing is possible, even for the most wicked.

Deflecting Blame

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Pilgrim comes down from his bender as the phone rings. He returns the call to find Eliza on the line at his home. Pilgrim wants to speak to Rebecca but Eliza tells him she’s resting. She promises to call him when she wakes up but that isn’t going to happen. A hearse leaves the house as Eliza looks on. Rebecca is dead.

Pilgrim remains in his hotel room, part of him knowing Rebecca’s status without being told. Eliza arrives at his room to break the news, causing Pilgrim to sink to the floor. He blames himself for not being there, especially after succumbing to past vices in the city. Eliza comforts him by reminding him of the importance of his mission, placing the blame on Frank. Pilgrim doesn’t agree. Frank hasn’t done anything to him and Eliza is sounding pretty selfish right now. Eliza’s tone grows more toxic, screaming at Pilgrim to finish the job. Eliza leaves and Pilgrim destroys his hotel room before making his way to the hospital.


The Punisher Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Karen calls in a favor to get Dinah an audience with the three dead women’s bodies in the morgue. The bodies show signs of being executed at close range, proving Frank couldn’t have killed them. A corrupt cop tries to execute Frank in his hospital bed while they’re gone. Frank truly is ready to die, giving the man his arm, willingly wanting him to fill him with poison. Amy, however, isn’t ready to see him go. She attacks the cop and Dinah arrives to knock him out as he chokes her to death. Karen tells Frank he’s innocent. Frank immediately wants to be uncuffed and let go to take care of Russo once and for all. Karen tries to stop him but he isn’t hearing it. He tells Karen to walk away after she uncuffs him. Karen makes one last effort to convince him to work with her, but it isn’t happening. She can’t join Frank where he is going.

Karen and Amy run separate distractions as Dinah helps a disguised Frank escape the hospital through the stairwell. Mahoney and Pilgrim comb the hospital for signs of The Punisher. Dinah gets Frank outside the building only to run into Mahoney, gun drawn. He dresses down Dinah, not understanding Frank’s innocence, and takes Frank into custody. He handcuffs him to the inside of an ambulance and speeds away, leaving DInah alone in the parking lot. Apparently Mahoney can do “crazy” too.

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