Supergirl Episode 4.12 Promo: Menagerie

The CW has discovered Supergirl‘s new Kryptonite: the Super Bowl and the Grammy Awards. That’s why the Girl of Steel is going to take a few weeks off. She may need the time to process all of the changes in her life. To protect Kara’s secret identity, Alex agreed to have the knowledge of her sister’s alien background erased from her mind. As seen in last night’s episode, that may have been a mistake. Now, Alex may lack the empathy she once had for aliens.

Nia also had an eventful episode, as she lost her mother and felt alienated from her sister. To shake Nia out of her depression, Kara outed herself as Supergirl. Nia also received her superhero outfit. As you can see below in the preview for Supergirl Episode 4.12, Kara and Nia are about to have their first in-costume superhero team up.

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The next episode is called “Menagerie,” and it features the debut of Jessica Meraz as Pamela Ferrer a.k.a. Menagerie. In DC’s comic book universe, Menagerie was a shapeshifter and a teammate of Manchester Black in the Elite. Collectively, the Elite took a harder approach to fighting evil that brought them into conflict with Superman. Manchester Black has already alienated Supergirl this season, and Menagerie won’t be the only Elite member to appear this season. Will Manchester Black bring together his entire team? We may find out when Supergirl returns on Sunday, February 17.

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