Arrow Season 7 Episode 10 Recap

The last time Arrow was on The CW, it was literally in the middle of the Elseworlds crossover. And we’ll probably have to wait a year before we learn what Oliver Queen gave to the Monitor in return for his aid. Now that Arrow season 7 episode 10 is here, the show can focus on a more pressing matter. The new Green Arrow has been unmasked as Emiko Queen, and she’s on her own mission of vengeance.

Crossing Off Names

Arrow Season 7 Episode 10 Recap

Emiko’s been busy since we last saw her. The previously unknown Queen sister relentlessly crossed off the names of every criminal she brought down. Now, there was only one left: William Glenmorgan. But Emiko proved to be a bit sloppy when getting information on Glenmorgan. Emiko was shot by one of the security guards as she hacked into Glenmorgan’s records. She got away, and turned to Rene for help.

Although Emiko trusted Rene enough to reveal her face and let him treat her wounds, she was incensed when he tried to be her partner as Wild Dog. Eventually, Emiko relented and allowed Rene to help her find Glenmorgan. She also explained that Glenmorgan murdered her mother, and ordered an arsonist to cover up the crime.

Ghost Initiative

Arrow Season 7 Episode 10 Recap

John and Lyla Diggle were so desperate to root out the dark secrets of ARGUS that they were even willing to deal with Ricardo Diaz. Lyla approached Diaz first, and appealed to him for his aid in bringing down Dante, a key figure in the conspiracy. Diaz laughed off the offer, which led John to make a deal of his own. The deputy director of ARGUS walked in just as John offered Diggle his freedom. To cover for himself and his wife, John claimed it was for a new incarnation of the Suicide Squad: Ghost Initiative.

However, Lyla was livid about John reviving Amanda Waller’s pet project. Regardless, Lyla was present when Diaz was implanted with a bomb in his head. It was done to ensure his cooperation, but Diaz threatened to kill Lyla if the bomb didn’t work.

Mr. Mayor

Arrow Season 7 Episode 10 Recap

In the future, Rene had turned his back on everything Wild Dog stood for. He was now the mayor of the Glades, which was apparently incorporated into its own city. Rene’s daughter, Zoe, even worked for her father in the mayor’s office, although she undermined him by showing up late or not at all. After Rene’s latest press conference, Zoe approached him and asked for the security resources new Team Arrow needs to stop the plan to destroy Star City.

While Rene refused to aid his daughter, Dinah strong armed Rene into helping her. The access to Rene’s security systems appeared to be genuine. But Rene’s business partner in the Glades implied that Rene was part of the conspiracy to destroy Star City.


Arrow Season 7 Episode 10 Recap

Much to Emiko’s displeasure, Rene brought in Curtis to help them get past Glenmorgan’s men. Glenmorgan proved to be a fairly close match for Emiko, but she narrowly defeated him. Unfortunately for her, Glenmorgan revealed that he’d been set up as the murderer of Emiko’s mother. Even Emiko was forced to concede that Glenmorgan’s alibi checked out. Rene proposed working with Emiko as equal partners, instead of forming a new Team Arrow. And she seemed to accept his offer.

Meanwhile, Oliver was a bit uncomfortable working with the SCPD. One of the investigators was openly disdainful of him. With Dinah’s blessing, Oliver retrieved a sample of Emiko’s blood. With Felicity’s help, Oliver identified Emiko as his half-sister and even realized that his mother, Moira Queen, hid Emiko’s existence. Oliver was shaken by the secrets kept by his parents, but he ultimately decided to introduce himself to Emiko when she visited their father’s grave site.

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