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The Punisher Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

The Punisher season 2 episode 3 recap

Frank Castle’s nasty habit of leaving towns worse for wear surfaced yet again during the latest episode of The Punisher. Larkville, Ohio made the list following an all out assault on the Sheriff’s department by Pilgrim. If the man of God didn’t have faith in Frank’s lethal skills before, he certainly did after a first-hand viewing. Frank increased the number of firefights in Larkville by two in as many nights, but a new yet familiar challenge emerged in his old stomping grounds. Looks like he and Rachel are on the move yet again.

Bound By Oath

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Everybody is getting mouthy at the Larkville Sheriff’s department. Frank and Marlena trade barbs across jail cells while Rachel charms five dollars out of upbeat Deputy Ken Ogden. The mood shifts when Hardin enters with Rachel’s rap sheet, revealing the multiple aliases she has used in the past. Rachel maintains her story initially but reveals the truth about her and Frank’s recent past after Hardin threatens her. He moves on to Frank, pointing out that his record is oddly clean for someone of his skill at killing. Marlena offers to spare Hardin from Pilgrim’s impending attack in exchange for her freedom, but the sheriff ignores her. Frank warns him that trouble is coming. Marlena expresses doubt about Frank’s story as well, but doesn’t pursue it further. All will play out soon enough.

Pilgrim’s past trauma is hinted at as he lurks outside the station. The devout Christian takes a contract to help fund his wife’s experimental medical treatments. He also reveals multiple tattoos, including an Iron Cross, that have undergone removal procedures. In the present, Pilgrim and his personal police lackey, Lt. Ferrera, try to convince Hardin to turn over the trio under the ruse of a prisoner transfer. Hardin isn’t buying it and won’t release them. Pilgrim commends Hardin for committing to his oath of office as he has his own to uphold. Hardin watches Rachel cower at the sight of Pilgrim before they leave. Once outside, Pilgrim dismisses Ferrera and the station’s power and means of communication are cut.

Impulsive Discharge

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Russo’s treatment back in New York isn’t progressing well. He has stopped taking his sleep medication in order to stave of his nightmares. Krista pushes him to gain control over them by exposing himself to them, but Russo isn’t sold. Krista looks through his dream journal momentarily before Russo threatens her. Officers rush into the room but fall brutally at Russo’s hands. He forces Krista to lead him out of the hospital. Russo asks her why she didn’t scream once they’re outside. She didn’t want to get him hurt because he can still recover from his trauma. Russo has other ideas. He gives her his mask and bolts into the New York City crowd.

Dinah rushes to the hospital at the news of Russo’s escape. She is taken aback by Krista calm demeanor. She believes Russo ran as an impulsive response to fear. Diah has little time for a rebuttal before she is ridiculed by Det. Mahoney. She tells Krista that she and Russo deserve each other before sneakily stealing Russo’s dream journal and leaving. She immediately tries to find Frank in Larkville.

Old Testament Style

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Hardin cuffs Frank to his desk, looking for an explanation. Frank tells him about his recent acts and what’s coming for them. The wolves are all around them. Hardin formulates his own plan despite Frank’s protests. Unfortunately, Hardin’s plan gets Ken shot in the stomach. Pilgrim offers to leave and allow Ken to get medical treatment in exchange for the “godless people.” Rachel manages to steal a handcuff key but Frank refuses to use it, wanting to earn Hardin’s trust. He asks Hardin to let him loose, promising to follow the sheriff’s rules.

Pilgrim’s squad rains bullets on the station and blows through the back door, freeing Marlena. Frank is also freed in the chaos. He and Hardin defend the station until the shooting subsides. Frank has a chance to run but chooses to stay and fight alongside Hardin. Trust has finally been earned.

Ken diffuses a debate between the other deputies about whether to turn over Frank and Rachel. Frank commends him for his bravery but tells him to rest before he bleeds out. Pilgrim kills Marlena for her failure before the fight resumes. Things go vastly different this time though. The Punisher has the green light. He takes out Pilgrim’s entire squad single-handedly.

Bright Lights’ Beckon

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Pilgrim gets the drop on Frank but his shot flies wide after catching a helicopter hi-beam in the eye. He retreats as Dinah lands at the station. She tells Frank about Russo’s escape and informs Hardin that he is coming with her and was never here. Hardin and Frank show each other respect while Rachel thanks Ken, placing his five dollar bill back in his hand. Frank tells Hardin that Rachel is coming with her and the two board the chopper with Dinah. The Punisher is heading back to New York City.

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