Arrow Season 7 Will Have an All Flash-Forward Episode

Earlier in Arrow season 7, the series surprised fans by ditching the flashbacks. Instead, Arrow began a new flash-forward storyline that explored the future of Star City. William Clayton, the son of Oliver Queen, reunited with Roy Harper, Dinah Lance, and Zoe Ramirez after the apparent demise of Felicity Smoak. While the mystery of Felicity’s death has been slow to play out, an upcoming episode of Arrow will be devoted exclusively to the future.

Via Comic Book Resources, Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz confirmed the sixteenth episode will be all flash-forward. She also teased the introduction of another character to the future timeline.

“We’re still going to meet a character in the future,” noted Schwartz. “That’s going to happen at the end of [episode] 12, which will be hopefully very exciting for a lot of people, and then we’re going to have an all-future episode — episode 16 — where we’re going to answer a lot of the questions that we’ve posed in the first half of the season.”

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Additionally, Schwartz touched upon the first flash-forward appearance of Rene Ramirez, a.k.a. Wild Dog. Rene made his return in tonight’s episode, “My Name is Emiko Queen,” and he’s not the same man he used to be.

“He’s living the good life in the Glades,” said Schwartz. “We’ll get to see how the Glades are completely different from Star City. It’s full of wealth. It’s clean. There’s no crime. And Rene has a big part of why the Glades is like that, so we’ll get to that as well as his dynamic with his daughter Zoe, who has been helping Dinah fight crime in Star City secretly.”

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