The Punisher season 2 episode 1 recap
Marvel's The Punisher

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

What probably will be The Punisher’s final round on Netflix began with a bang. A full clips worth, actually. Frank secured some level of retribution for his family’s murder, and disfigured his former friend, Billy Russo. Given his freedom, Frank took to the road. In The Punisher season 2 episode 1, Frank has been living his life one motel room at a time, at least until he stops at Lola’s Roadhouse in Michigan. Freedom doesn’t mean much to a darkened soul that can’t seem to escape personal doom. The Punisher is always there, knowing his return is inevitable.

Honky Tonk Nights

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Frank’s nomadic lifestyle takes him to a bar in rural Michigan. He makes friends with the bartender in enough time to thwart a drunk from insultingly hitting on her. She rewards his act with an introduction, revealing her name is Beth. A young woman arrives at the bar, bestowing the nickname “Rough Road” on Frank while clutching her backpack. She retreats to the corner of the bar after piquing Frank’s interest. That interest quickly shifts back to Beth. Frank is just passing through town, but Beth is intrigued by the man who vanishes into the night. She invites Frank to have a drink at her place after her shift ends. Frank accepts and the two leave together.

The young woman calls an associate named Sergei from a payphone. Unfortunately, Sergei is in the midst of being tortured by John Pilgrim. It seems that the woman is in possession of some incriminating photos. Pilgrim listens in as she reveals that she is the only survivor of a previous attack. She wants out and tells Sergei to meet her at Lola’s Roadhouse the following night. The woman hangs up and breaks into a vacant hotel room. Sergei, having served his purpose, is strangled to death by Pilgrim.

Take The Good When It Comes

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Frank’s plans to hit the road early in the morning are far from his mind at Beth’s home. A rare moment of normalcy and companionship woos him into having a nightcap with his new friend. Beth tells Frank about her failed music career and how her son, among other things, forced her to change. Frank knows that feeling all too well. but doesn’t let on about that knowledge when Beth asks about his life. The mood turns romantic and the two bed down.

Frank opens up about the death of his family afterward, pointing to his constant feeling of loneliness. Even if for one moment, Frank doesn’t feel lonely in Beth’s arms. So much so that he lets down his guard and tells her his real name. Beth recoils at first, but softens when Frank explains that he wanted this feeling to be honest. He promises that the past that produced his scars won’t affect her and Beth returns to his embrace.

Frank’s attempt to sneak out the next morning is foiled by Beth’s son, Rex. He makes the best of the awkward situation and invites both of them to a pancake breakfast. Rex knows what’s up with them, but the two must still say their goodbyes. Frank bumps into the mystery woman from the bar as he prepares to leave town. He gets two hours down the road before deciding to turn around and find Beth at Lola’s for at least one more night.


The Punisher Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The mystery woman is at Lola’s as well, waiting for Sergei. Both she and Frank realize that things aren’t on the level when a group of operatives show up at the bar. The young woman tries to escape via the bathroom window to no avail. Frank follows, busting his way into the bathroom and brutalizing the woman’s assailants. The Punisher is back.

Frank tries to help the woman escape the bar, but instead runs into another attack. A bar-clearing brawl ensues. Beth takes a bullet to the shoulder and multiple locals, including bar favorite. Ringo, die during the battle. Frank kills almost everyone in the bar before realizing Beth’s injury. He rushes her and the mystery woman into his van. He speeds towards the nearest hospital, but Pilgrim’s associates cut him off. Frank guns them down and delivers Beth to the ER. He apologizes for what he brought upon her before speeding away with the mystery woman.

More To Come

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Pilgrim takes in the scene at Lola’s. He comes across Frank’s ring, ripped from his neck during the brawl. He pockets it as his associate brings the mystery woman’s backpack to him, believing the photos in question are on the laptop inside. Pilgrim looks over security footage of the fight, comparing Frank’s violent tenacity to that of an unleashed dog. He doesn’t believe Frank will be a hard man to find. A man of that skill level has people that want him found. Frank won’t be found just yet as he speeds down the road with the mystery woman. She wonders if more people will come for them. Frank hopes so.

Back in New York, Dinah stares down a sleeping Billy Russo, still encased in a creepy face mask. She leaves the room just before Russo’s eyes open.

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