Runaways season 2 episode 10 recap

Runaways Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

The Runaways usually take to the streets, completing missions in their battle against their parents. It’s a fine formula, but this time the mission came to their doorstep in the form of AWOL. Hellbent on forcing the kids out of hiding, PRIDE’s newest cog brought Livvie and plenty of guns to the party. Fortunately, the team has plenty of heat of their own. At the same time, there were some unnerving developments in both the Church of Gibborim and the Light they worship. It seems that tension wasn’t exclusive to anyone this time.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Livvie is being held at a black site following her abduction. Her initial resistance is subdued when AWOL reveals that he has both Tamar and her child held at gunpoint. She agrees to lead him to the Runaways hideout and AWOL wastes no time rolling up to their front door. Nico casts a camouflage spell to mask the mansion’s location, but AWOL easily discovers one of Alex’s security cameras. Chase’s worry for Gert and any lingering strain over Alex’s actions goes out the door as the team decides their course of action.

Molly keeps Alex from doing anything rash as they watch AWOL taze and threaten Livvie. Chase takes point, communicating with AWOL via intercom. The team offers to exchange the incriminating footage of AWOL for Livvie, but AWOL counters by demanding they deliver Nico and the footage. Nico struggles to maintain the spell, feeling the Staff’s influence penetrating her further. The group refuse the offer believing AWOL wouldn’t release his leverage by killing Livvie, but they need leverage of their own.

Chase speeds away with Gert and Old Lace to distract the strike force as Nico releases the spell, revealing Alex standing at the top of the skylight. He lures AWOL into the mansion, allowing Nico to send him crashing to the floor with a fortress spell. Now they have a hostage of their own.

Treacherous Healing

Runaways Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

With few options available to help Gert and Old Lace, Chase brings them to Gert’s parents. Gert wakes up in shock, finding herself in her parents lab. Dale promises to help them as Stacey reveals that she has the antidote to what is ailing them. The news shocks everyone, including Dale, as she admits to poisoning Old Lace, effectively doing the same to their daughter. She only has enough for one dose though. She decides to inject Gert, but Chase points out that healing Old Lace would heal them both via their link. Dale takes the antidote from Stacey and injects Old Lace despite his wife’s wishes. Both recover soon thereafter and Gert expresses their need to get back to the group. Chase believes that the Yorkes might have changed for the better, but Gert sternly disagrees.

Leslie’s decision to dissolve the Church of Gibborim is met with heavy resistance from multiple people. Frank stresses the church can live on without Jonah’s influence as Leslie trashes church texts. Lesie disagrees, laying out an ultimatum for her husband: it’s either the church or me. Church elders confront Leslie about her decision as well, pointing out that the church isn’t a product of its leadership but of its members. With her surroundings closing in, Leslie is duped into forced Reconditioning by Frank and other elders.

Light Recognizes Light

Runaways Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

The odd behavior within PRIDE’s members resurfaces during Victor and Janet’s work. Victor assuages Janet’s concern about the power of Victor’s new weaponry with some sexual stress relief. Victor has no memory of the act an hour later, as if he weren’t present for it.

Tina arrives, acting seductively strange once again. She shows little concern about what Victor’s creations could do to their children. This manifests best when she gets handsy with Janet while showing her how to use one of the devices. Janet storms out as Victor returns, but Tina and Victor recognize they aren’t who they appear to be. This leads Victor to posts flyers written in Jonah’s language, beckoning any survivors of the ship’s destruction to seek out himself or Tina, promising a reunion.

Get Out

Runaways Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Alex threatens a now restrained AWOL with a fistigon. AWOL provokes him right back, which results in Alex torturing him with the device before Molly stops him. Karolina talks Alex down, pointing out that they aren’t killers. Alex relents, but points out that they can’t always keep their hands clean. The altercation worsens Nico’s ability to hold her spell.  The struggle also causes her to reveal that the Staff itself told her to kill Jonah. Karolina blasts a mouthy AWOL as Alex prepares them to release the spell and let in the strike force.

The group fortify their home and tell Nico to release the spell. She does, but faints in the process, throwing a wrench into their plan.They are forced to retreat upstairs while Molly rescues Livvie. The cops free and arm AWOL before storming the staircase, taking aim at the teens. Before they can fire, Nico rises with darken, cracked eyes. She summons the Staff and orders the cops to get out, The officers vanish, their clothing and weapons falling to the ground.

Alex apologizes to Livvie afterward, but Livvie tells him they can’t be together. They must protect their families separately going forward. Alex, dejected but understanding, watches Livvie leave for perhaps the final time.

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