Runaways season 2 episode 9 recap

Runaways Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

With another somewhat successful operation under their belt, the Runaways now have newfound ammunition against their parents. Specifically Catherine, after security footage revealed her role in Darius’ murder. However, the mission left Molly in the custody of Flores and AWOL. But they don’t know the power she wields. Regardless of Molly’s status, the walls continued closing in on PRIDE, but help came from an unexpected place: AWOL. There’s nothing like a good, old fashioned power play to freshen things up a bit.

Fighting Fistigons With Fistigons

Runaways Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Molly’s wastes little time escaping from Flores, with the rest of the team and Livvie came to whisk her away. The rescue effort sends Flores straight for the PRIDE offices to confront his employers about their superpowered children. His anger at not knowing what he was up against shifts to concern for their collective freedom. Authorities are onto PRIDE, aiming to punish them all for their litany of crimes. The parents feel naive for thinking they could just walk away from PRIDE’s past.

However, their ultimate goal remains the return of their children. This motivation sparks an idea in Victor to build weapons to combat their children’s abilities. Some of the parents express concern over potentially hurting their children. But they ultimately decide it is their only course of action. Victor gets to work alongside Robert and Janet, with Victor growing more arrogant with every passing minute. The proposed weaponry increases their concern for the children’s safety, but no one offers any alternatives.

Geoffrey and Catherine visit Tamar, offering her protection as well. She refuses their help, but promises to inform them when she hears from Livvie or the children. After they leave, she reveals an alliance with AWOL, exchanging information on PRIDE for protection.

Alex Knows Best

Runaways Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Alex reveals his latest plan when the team and Livvie return to the mansion with Molly. He secures evidence of AWOL’s guilt in the hospital shooting via Livvie’s phone, while planning to use Flores’s right hand to get to PRIDE. Livvie mentions a Caribbean restaurant that AWOL frequents, which gives Alex the idea to confront him there. Livvie thinks its a bad idea and doesn’t believe the rest of the crew would agree with his plan. That doesn’t matter to Alex, as he leads the team into a confrontation without telling them his intentions.

Alex’s advances on AWOL leads to the kids being held at gunpoint by AWOL’s squad. Alex tries to reason with him, which leads to more threats from the rogue officer. Nico stands and freezes the gunmen, allowing the team to escape while ridiculing Alex for his subterfuge. The revelation of Nico’s powers leads AWOL to confront Flores, running him down for putting him in danger. Flores threatens him, reminding him to know his place.

Alex clearly didn’t learn his lesson, as he takes another opportunity to strike a deal with AWOL when he and Livvie return to Tamar’s. Alex agrees to not turn over his evidence against AWOL in exchange for all of Flores’s files on PRIDE. The move angers Livvie to new levels. She kicks Alex out, pointing out that his parents would be proud of how he played everyone. His comrades aren’t too pleased when Livvie lets them in on the deal. Alex argues that everything he did was in an effort to take down their parents. Nico points out that Alex is behaving exactly like their parents. Alex points out all of the others’ crimes and calls them hypocrites before storming out.

Strange Doings

Runaways Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Gert and Old Lace are in a bad way. Old Lace begins falling ill after a chemical attack from a drone and the illness soon spreads to Gert via their link. Gert begins exhibiting flu-like symptoms before both she and Old Lace collapse on the mansion stairs. The team believes they might be dying, but they have no idea what to do.

Multiple PRIDE members aren’t acting like themselves either. Robert voices his concerns about Victor’s work to Tina, but all she seems to want to talk about is yummy chocolate cake. She tries to seduce Robert, but flinches when he mentions that Nico killed Jonah. It’s as if she didn’t remember the fact that she clearly knew before. A flash of light seemingly brings Tina back to normal with no memory of her cake escapade. A similar event happens to Stacey and Dale in their home lab. Stacey is conducting experiments without her glasses. Dale questions the fact, but Stacey guilts him into leaving her be before a similar flash brings her consciousness back.

Back at the mansion, Karolina hears a voice calling to her. Her search leads her to a silent Nico. The voice wasn’t hers, but the encounter allows them the first chance to talk about things since the night of Jonah’s death. They agree to talk more in the morning, hinting at a re-connection of some sort.

Change In Command

Runaways Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

It looks like all faith in AWOL is misplaced when he makes a play for Flores’ spot to the members of PRIDE. He tells them about Flores’ rainy day evidence stash against them, earning him his desired promotion. He solidifies things by killing Flores in the freezer of the Caribbean restaurant and calling off his deal with Alex. AWOL is doing things his way now and his first act is to break into Tamar’s house and kidnap Livvie. With Runaways bait in tow, AWOL prepares to root them out and return them to their parents by any means necessary.

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