Top 10 TV shows of 2018

Superhero Hype’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2018

The end of the year always brings about a time for reflection. There was a time when the dominance of comic book adaptations across multiple mediums was met with surprise. And yet it’s come to pass on both the big screen and the small. 2018’s crop of comics-based television programming felt like the culmination of a years long build that was made possible by what came before.

Where there once were sporadic options now stands multiple networks and platforms propped up by their slate of superpowered programming. Reinventions of Archie classics, translations of DC’s altruistic philosophy entering the real world, multiple amalgams of heroes, and the logical conclusion of Marvel-style storytelling coming to life. The output is plentiful and so very good. That’s not even mentioning the lesser known series that got the green light, giving us all our own special fever dream to slip into.

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An honorable mention goes out to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. A lot of comic book adaptations showcase high concept motifs that allow for the incorporation of copious explosions of imagination. Some are able to juggle a large cast of diverse characters that fluidly with one another. Others rely on whimsy and camp to maintain a tone comparable to the Silver Age of comics. But only Legends of Tomorrow packages these elements in a fashion that feels like it’s going to burst at the seams at any moment. The show is the television equivalent of bubble gum, but it just barely missed the cut.

Now, let’s take one more look back before continuing the revelry into 2019. Here are Superhero Hype’s top 10 TV shows of 2018. Now, share your picks in the comment section below!