Runaways Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

The previous episode of Runaways dropped a huge cliffhanger when it introduced Topher. Alex had just been saved from his parents, when Topher made his presence known. Readers of the Runaways comic should recognize him from the original run, but how will the show integrate him into the story? It’s time to find out as we recap Runaways season 2 episode 4.

An Unexpected Guest

Runaways Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Everyone is suspicious about Topher, but Molly senses that he’s related to her in some way. He explains that he followed Molly to the mansion. Nico casts a spell on Topher to keep him quiet. While they argue, he breaks the spell and shows off his yellow eyes just like Molly’s. They set Old Lace to guard Topher and Nico tells Topher that she knows he has a lot of secrets. Later, Molly and Topher bond over their similar eyes and their ability to speak Spanish. Topher also agrees to help the kids survive on the street.

Meanwhile across Los Angeles, Geoffrey berates Catherine for killing Darius, and his death drives a wedge between the two of them. While the PRIDE discusses how to move forward, Jonah’s sickness is getting worse. He continues to build the box that will save him before coughing up blood. The parents plan to access the dig site and try and use the Yorkes’ serum to kill Jonah. The parents track the kids to the soup kitchen from. They also find Mike, who tells them about his encounter with their kids.

The Fairy Tale Princess

Runaways Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Jonah calls Karolina, who says she’ll meet with him. Karolina also says she wants to make some money so she plans to go out to Hollywood blvd and dress like a fairy tale princess. Alex has a plan to hack the PRIDE’s security system. In order to do it he needs a new computer. Alex and Chase decide to use Topher to break into their old school to get the computer they need.

Karolina and Jonah meet in downtown Los Angeles. He tries to give her money, but she turns it down. While they talk Jonah tells her that there is something he wants her to see. At the dig site, the Yorkes investigate the creature at the bottom of the pit. They want to take a biopsy and test their serum to kill Jonah. As for the Runaways, they’re moving ahead with their plan to take the computer from Atlas Academy. Nico and Topher talk about each other in the car. She gets close to him as he tries to hit on her. He asks Nico if she’s “holding” something. Topher seems to hint that his powers come from drugs. He continues to prove he’s not on the level and that he’s most likely not related to Molly.

Back To School

Runaways Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

The Runaways head to Atlas Academy. Alex gives Topher directions about where he can find a new computer for the team. When Topher goes out, he reveals a burn mark on his skin on his wrist. At the same time, the Yorkes send a drone down into the pit. They test their serum when they find from the creature in the pit. Whatever they did ends up causing an earthquake. That forces the Runaways to take shelter in the school itself. The kids split up, while Gert tries to get her medicine. The nurse calls the police, which notifies the PRIDE.

Chase finds the girl he used to be interested in. She has a master key and Chase agrees to give her whatever she wants to get it. The earthquake’s aftermath hits Karolina and Jonah as well. Jonah offers to explain to her what she is. However, Karolina says she’s scared and doesn’t trust him. Jonah replies that she doesn’t have to come with him, but if she doesn’t, she’ll never find out what she is. The kids flee the school as their parents arrive.

At the construction site, the Yorkes flee just as Karolina and Jonah arrive. Jonah tells Karolina that he’ll protect her. Topher’s got the computer, and the team starts to trust him. They return to the mansion to regroup.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Runaways Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Nico reveals she picked Topher’s pocket and has his “drugs”. She accuses him of lying to the group and that he’s nothing like Molly. Back at the dig site, Jonah and Karolina stare down in to the abyss. Jonah reveals that her answers are down at the bottom of the hole. Jonah says that she’s exactly who she needs to be for where they’re going and asks her to trust him. Karolina replies that she’ll trust herself. The two of them begin to glow and step into the abyss.

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