The CW is Developing a Series Based on Valiant’s Dr. Mirage

Deadline is reporting that for the second time in two years, The CW is planning an adaptation of Valiant Entertainment’s Dr. Mirage comics. The network previously attempted to get a series off the ground in 2016. However, they ultimately put the project on hold.

Dr. Mirage was created by Bob Layton and Bernard Chang and originally appeared in the early ‘90s as the alter-ego of Hwen Fong. In that series, Fong was a paranormal investigator who frequently enlisted his wife, Carmen, to join his exploits. He received his ghostly abilities after a run-in with Master Darque, a necromancer with the power to drive people to suicide and reanimate their corpses to serve his every need. During their altercation, Fong was bestowed with similar powers to control necromantic energy.

Years later, writer Jen Van Meter and artist Roberto de la Torre revamped Dr. Mirage as a woman named Shan Fong. Shan has appeared in two miniseries: 2014’s The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage and 2016’s The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage: Second Lives. In this incarnation, Shan struggles with the dilemma of not being able to use her powers to contact her late husband, Hwen.

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The CW’s take on Dr. Mirage will presumably star the Shan Fong version of the character. Laurie McCarthy (Reign) is set to executive produce the show alongside DMG Entertainment’s Chris Fenton and Chris Cowles. McCarthy will write the series using Gary Dauberman’s (Annabelle) script for the aborted 2016 adaptation as a framework.

What are your thoughts on The CW bringing the Dr. Mirage character into their stable of comic adaptations? Who would you cast as Shan Fong? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!