The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

Ever since Nora arrived from the future, The Flash‘s daughter has kept her mother, Iris, at a distance. The previous episode of the season finally revealed why Nora had turned away from her mom. Future Iris had suppressed Nora’s powers since she was a child. Nora was further disillusioned when her father, Barry, supported Iris’ future actions. That led to Nora moving out of their home, and into Joe West’s house. In The Flash season 5 episode 5, Nora was deliberately avoiding her parents.

Family Drama

The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

Two weeks after the events of the previous episode, Nora had broken off all contact with her parents. She only ended her radio silence when a robbery was in progress, but she abruptly disconnected her call with Iris. After Nora nearly got innocent bystanders hurt, she blew up at Iris, and caused her mother to further doubt herself. At the West home, Cecile shared stories about Nora’s father in return for super speed household chores. However, Nora soon realized that Cecile’s stories were all about Iris instead of Barry.

Rags Steal Riches

The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

A disgusting new villain nicknamed Rag Doll began robbing seemingly random targets. Barry and Iris ended up working the same case from different angles, so he suggested they team up and make it more like a date. Together, they learned that Rag Doll was the son of a wealthy mother before falling out with his family. Rag Doll also witnessed Barry and Iris together, and he decided to target Barry. Clearly, the fastest man alive wasn’t the smartest man alive, as Barry went down fast against Rag Doll. A pair of power-dampening cuffs also ensured that the Flash couldn’t escape by himself.

Everybody Vibes Sometimes

The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

Cisco hid the full extent of his injuries from his last encounter with Cicada. During Team Flash’s side quest to find Caitlin’s father, Cisco used his weakened Vibe powers to search for clues until the pain became too much for him. Cisco told Caitlin about how much his powers had come to mean to him. Fortunately, she stressed his value to the team beyond his powers. Later, Cisco came up with a way to use the Thinker’s satellites to find Caitlin’s father. However, she wasn’t quite ready to meet him.

Bounce Back

The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

With Barry missing and endangered, Iris freaked out when Nora wasn’t answering her phone. Ralph stepped up to the challenge and inspired Team Flash to save Barry by themselves. Ralph and Iris tracked down Barry and Rag Doll, but not before Barry was sent plummeting to his doom. In an extremely unconvincing way, Iris jumped off the building after Barry, caught up with him, and unlocked his power-dampening cuffs before they both went splat. Ralph defeated Rag Doll, and that ended the villain of the week.

Nora arrived just in time to see what Iris did, and she softened her position towards her mom. The West-Allen family even repaired some of their bond in the aftermath.

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