New Watchmen Set Photo Teases Minutemen Doc, Hooded Justice

HBO’s upcoming Watchmen series purports to tell an original story that’s separate from the comic that inspired it. Nevertheless, we now know that at least one (very minor) character from the original graphic novel is making an appearance. Twitter user Watchmen Brazil posted a photo of a Tulsa Rapid Electric Transit bus parked on the set of the new series. The bus advertises the in-series documentary, American Hero Story: Minutemen, about the 1940s superhero team. Standing next to the title is the familiar torso of one of the team’s founding members, Hooded Justice. You can check out the photo below.

In the Watchmen universe, Hooded Justice was the first vigilante to try his hand at masked crime-fighting. The public never learned his secret identity. However, in excerpts from his autobiography that accompanied the first three issues, original Nite Owl Hollis Mason speculated that he was a German bodybuilder named Rolf Müller. Hooded Justice’s most defining moment in the series came in the second issue. A flashback revealed that he stopped the teenaged Eddie Blake/Comedian from raping Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre. The character allegedly vanished when the House of Un-American Activities Committee called for the unmasking of all costumed heroes.

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Watchmen has thus far built an impressive cast that includes Regina King, Don Johnson, Louis Gossett, Jr., and Jeremy Irons. Unfortunately, no details on their characters have been provided by HBO or showrunner Damon Lindelof. The latest addition to the series’ roster is actor James Wolk in a recurring role. Deadline reports that Wolk might be playing “a junior senator from Oklahoma,” and possibly a member of the aforementioned HUAC. The first official photo from the series was shared via Instagram last month, but it prompted more questions than answers.

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