Daredevil Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

Daredevil season 3 episode 11 recap

Clinton church will never be the same. The battle between Daredevil and his impostor left the building and its parishioners beaten and tattered. The masked combatants were left reeling, a guiding light was extinguished, and souls were brought to their knees. The only silver lining for dropping so far is that the only way forward is out of the mire.


Daredevil Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

Dex stumbles out of Clinton church, taking out two more people before changing into his FBI garb. He grabs Ray and the two seize the crime scene from the NYPD with one goal in mind, find and kill Karen and Daredevil. A locked gate gives the duo more time to determine their next step, ultimately hiding in a tomb to avoid the agents.

Dex’s actions and his own complicity in them begins to haunt Ray. The sight of Father Lantom’s body lying lifeless at the pulpit sickens him. Despite these feelings, Ray continues cooperating with Dex in his search.

Not Alone

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

After narrowly evading Ray and Dex, Karen and Matt get a moment to breath and catch up. She tells him about her plan to provoke Fisk and that she killed James Wesley. She blames herself for Lantom’s death, but Matt calls her actions brave. The compliment doesn’t stick for her.

Karen tells Matt that she didn’t tell him about her plan or Wesley because of how innocently Matt views her. It feels nice. She tells him about the car wreck that took her brother’s life and how feeling responsible for killing someone takes one to a place of no atonement. The comments don’t fully sway Matt away from his plan to kill Fisk.

Karen later calls him out for maintaining such distance between himself and those that care about him. She reassures him that she and Foggy are still there for him, even through recent circumstances. The comment sparks an idea in Matt, and soon calls Foggy to the scene.


Daredevil Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

After arguing with his brother about Fisk’s pressure on the Nelson family, Foggy strolls into the church. Ray confronts him, but Foggy flippantly kills time before Karen emerges, giving herself up to the NYPD rather than the Feds. Dex is furious, but the law is the law. Detective Mahoney has his doubts in the agents quietly confirmed by Ray, whose doubts were previously stoked by Sister Maggie, before taking Karen away. Dex promises vengeance on Ray, whether it be he or Fisk, for his actions. Mahoney releases Karen shortly thereafter.

Karen and Foggy meet Matt on a rooftop afterward. They are unable to convince Matt that killing Fisk isn’t an option, but they do convince him to try dealing with the issue in the courts. They’ll need a new witness to do so, and Ray is the perfect candidate.

Unfortunately, Ray is on the run. He rushes home to get his family to safety, but Fisk’s agents surround the house shortly after he arrives. As bullets begin to rain down on the Nadeem family, Matt, in costume, joins the fight, Together the two take down Fisk’s agents, but Ray isn’t sold on aiding Daredevil. Matt removes his mask, revealing his identity to Ray as a sign of trust.

The White Wolf

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

Fisk holds a press conference where he stokes anti-Daredevil sentiments following the reversal of his convictions by a court of appeals. The reversal is clearly a product of the network of protection he built for himself. Now that his name is clear, Fisk can bring Vanessa back, but he has one more detail to attend to before her arrival.

He tracks down the owner of the painting Vanessa gave him when they first met. The owner grants Fisk an audience but doesn’t budge on her choice to not sell. He tries to appeal to her emotionally, pointing out that the painting makes him feel like Vanessa is still with him. It is a part of him.

The owner understands his position and the power of love. That is the exact reason why she won’t sell it. It is the only memory of her family that died in the Holocaust. The Nazi wolves that killed her father took the painting then and she will not let it fall into the hands of another wolf. Knowing the pain of watching a father die at a young age, Fisk relents and says the painting is meant to stay with her.

The moment of steadiness gives way to the release of the wolf soon after. Fisk beats a FBI agent to death with his bare hands when he gets wind of Karen slipping through their fingers yet again.

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