Daredevil season 3 episode 9 recap

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

The bombshells began dropping and the bullets are getting ready to fly as the latest season of Daredevil enters its final stretch. Karen’s hubris in the face of Fisk might only be topped in the shock department by the revelation of Matt’s parentage. There is still plenty to unpack with both developments, but these surely can’t be the last heavy plot drops of the season.

Cursed Blood

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

The previously mentioned unpacking begins immediately as Matt confronts Father Lantom during his evening pool sharking. Matt ridicules Lantom through gritted teeth about his actions, growing more upset with every passing word. He points out that Lantom’s hiding of Maggie’s truth was inexcusable as he knew that it could have changed everything about his upbringing. Lantom pushes back on Matt’s views, but Matt doesn’t want to hear it. He dismisses Lantom, saying that he let him believe he was alone, before exiting.

The emotional distress leads Matt back to his personal bastion: Fogwell’s Gym. Matt begins training with Muay Thai ropes in an effort to better combat Dex, a fact that a manifestation of his father, Jack, points out. Matt goes back and forth with his father internally, He expresses disgust at how both He and Maggie lied to him. Jack admits his faults of pride and ego, but that Matt isn’t that different. Matt swears to not let others suffer for his choices anymore and kill Fisk.

Jack points out that Maggie left him too. Like his father, Matt is cursed with having the devil inside him. Matt disagrees, but Jack continues, chastising him for thinking the mask allows him to hurt people. Suddenly, Jack morphs into Fisk. He goads Matt into beating and murdering him, telling him he came from nothing and will remain nothing.

Codename Kingpin

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Ray is ready to finger Dex as the traitor among the FBI’s ranks, but the terrible truth comes to light during a meeting at Hattley’s home. Hattley suddenly murders OPR agent Wynn after Ray names Dex, framing Ray for the act. The act is used to blackmail Ray into working for his new boss: Wilson Fisk.

Dex visits Ray at home to subtly threaten his family and tell him to give up Matt. Dex is reinstated later that day before a meeting of Fisk’ new personal raid force. A staggering number of FBI agents have been forced to work for Fisk, who they refer to as Kingpin internally. The task force mobilizes to take down multiple criminals and corrupt officials for reasons that remain unknown.

Maternal Instinct

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Lantom informs Maggie that Matt knows the truth. She rushes to the church basement to find that Matt has left, weeping openly for the loss of her son yet again. We are treated to a flashback showing Maggie and Jack’s brief relationship. What started as a passionate fling ends with Maggie’s postpartum depression being misinterpreted as punishment for betraying God. Father Lantom comes to take Maggie back to the church, leaving an infant Matt with Jack.

Karen goes to Maggie, believing she knows where to find Matt. She has decided to run after drawing Fisk’s violent focus and wants to tell him that Fisk knows he is Daredevil. Maggie tells her he’s gone, labeling herself a coward and a failure for letting him slip away once again. She tells Karen that he’ll need someone to care about him when he resurfaces, a true friend. Maggie sees a chance to do some good for her son by helping Karen. She offers to hide Karen at the church while using the church’s connections to find somewhere far away to send her.

Bait & Switch

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Foggy’s chances at winning the DA election spike when his speech at the Hell’s Kitchen Club goes viral. The passionate lawyer draws the support of a large amount of the NYPD, but the good news is short-lived. His brother, Theo, begs him to back off of his criticism of Fisk. Apparently the family butcher shop is tied up in the financial fiasco of Red Lion National Bank, meaning the threat of Theo and their parents going to jail is left up to Fisk’s whim.

After a long day of taking down Fisk’s criminal competitors, Ray is forced to lure Matt into a trap. The figures captured by the FBI are sat around a table before Fisk shows up, laying out his terms for protection from his new federal force. Dex, dressed as Daredevil, kills the lone dissenter in the group. Matt doesn’t show, choosing to infiltrate Fisk’s penthouse instead. He finds the secret room, but learns of Fisk’s plan to kill Karen and that he knows she is hiding in the Clinton church before he can take any action.

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