New Daredevil Season 3 Video Highlights the Kingpin’s Return

Netflix has released a new featurette on the making of Daredevil season 3. The two-minute clip primarily focuses on Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal of Wilson Fisk. This season, he will be fully embracing his dark persona as the Kingpin of Crime. The character was previously incarcerated at the conclusion of the show’s first season. However, he made a surprise return for two episodes during the second season. In his last appearance, it was heavily implied that Fisk had figured out Matt Murdock’s alter ego. This perfectly sets the stage for this season’s adaptation of the fan-favorite Born Again story arc from the comics.

The new video highlights new footage from the upcoming season along with interviews with D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock/Daredevil) in costume. It’s worth mentioning that even when out of character and speaking in a friendly cadence, the sight of D’Onofrio in Fisk’s iconic silk white blazer still manages to send shivers down the spine.

“He starts in prison and he’s not a happy pup,” explained D’Onofrio, adding that his character’s plans for Daredevil this time around are “not gonna be pretty.” He continued, “Fisk is a master at manipulation. It paves the way into Kingpin taking the city back over again.”

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The series’ new showrunner, Erik Oleson, also chimed in with his thoughts on D’Onofrio’s acting this year. And it looks to be a radical shift from the petulant man-child we saw at the series’ beginning. “Vincent is phenomenally talented at bringing dimension to the role, he said. “We [saw] his downfall is season one. Now, we’re going to see the return and the rise of Kingpin.”

From what we’ve glimpsed so far, it’s clear the Matt Murdock is going to have his work cut out for him. To hear Cox tell it, bringing down Fisk for a second time may turn out to be a Pyrrhic victory. “He literally is always three, four, five steps ahead of Matt’s best thinking,” said Cox. The driving force behind everything this season is this idea that this man must be stopped once and for all, even if it costs me my everlasting soul.”

D’Onofrio closed by promising that the inevitable showdown between Daredevil and Fisk will definitely live up to fan expectations. “They’re just gonna f***ing flip.”

You can watch the video via YouTube below, then let us know what you think in the comments. All 13 episodes of Daredevil season 3 will be available to stream this Friday, October 19.