A.N. Group Goes Time-Traveling with The Rook

A.N. Group, LCC says that it has acquired the rights to the classic time-traveling hero “The Rook”:

A.N. Group, LLC a Native American owned firm and a recent entry in the exploding field of media property rights acquisitions, is pleased to announce its intent to bring this classic time-traveling hero from the pages of comics and print to television, film and gaming.

The Rook, also known as Restin Dane, is a descendant of the time traveling scientist from H.G. Well’s classic novella, The Time Machine.

The Master of Time finds himself alongside iconic figures of history and legend when his exploits take him from the eras of long lost lore to the fantastic and infinite possibilities of futures yet-to-unfold.

Time traveler, chess master and a man of science, romance and courage, The Rook fights to right history’s wrongs while exploring his own fascinating historical roots and saving those he loves from the ravages of time.

“Every man, woman and child has wondered, and even desired, to travel through time to change certain courses of events in their life,” explains David Steinberg, A.N. Group Vice-President in charge of development. “The Rook is a compelling figure to whom everyone can relate through imaginative tales of fantasy, love and loss.”

The Rook may find himself seeking audience with Alexander the Great one moment and working alongside Sherlock Holmes to catch Jack the Ripper the next. The series contains all the ingredients for great film, TV and gaming.

“This is an inexhaustible cache of classic, yet still fresh material for expansion and downloadable content,” claims Steinberg. “It makes The Rook an ideal platform for virtually all media, both new and emerging.”

Source: A.N. Group