Mark Strong on Kick-Ass

Cinema Blend talked to Sherlock Holmes star Mark Strong about playing the villain in Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass. Here’s a clip:

In addition to Guy Ritchie, you’ve worked with Matthew Vaughn several times, and you’ve got Kick-Ass coming up together. It seems to have a similarly comedic tone to Sherlock Holmes and you’re also playing the bad guy. Is that the same kind of thing you’re doing for this, playing it completely straight?

Yes. That allows a little more humor. It’s so violent all the studios turned it down. People who love graphic novels tend to be disappointed by the films that are made of them, and Matthew I think felt a real responsibility to make this as close in tone as he possibly could to the graphic novels, which he has done. Consequently it’s extremely violent. What he’s done to make it accessible and great fun is to inject a very humorous note using the soundtrack. The scenes play very wryly humorous, and there’s just enough wit and humor in there to allow this world to exist in another place. Even though it’s violent, it’s not the real violence that you encounter every day. It’s on another plane. I can play with [Frank, my character] a little more, because the tone of the film is very witty, very funny and very dark. I can allow Frank to be that as well.

You can check out the full interview here! Kick-Ass opens in theaters on April 16.

Source: Cinema Blend