L+E Prods. Teams with Liquid on Epic Cycle

L+E Productions has partnered with Liquid Comics to launch Epic Cycle, a new graphic novel label to develop properties that can be expanded into multiple platforms, including film and TV.

According to Variety, the company has secured the first three properties:

“H2O,” a sci-fi novel by Grant Calof (“Hulk: Unchained”) about a global drought that creates a multicountry race to find water deep within the Earth; “A Thousand Arts,” a kung fu adventure set in the Alaskan wilderness, where a transplanted Shaolin monk battles to protect his cultural heritage, with Stuart Moore (“Wolverine Noir”) writing; and “Purgatory,” a graphic novel by Ron Marz (“Green Lantern”) about a rogue professor hired by the Catholic church to prove the afterlife exists.

Liquid is developing The Gamekeeper, a Warner Bros. project with Guy Ritchie, and “Voodoo Child” with Nicolas Cage and Reliance.

Source: Variety